Wednesday, September 30

Epik High-ness

I'm back in love with EPIK HIGH babeh. their new album, [e] is well,epic.
they released it on 16th sept.but I guess I was so drunk that I forgot to post about it.hahaa xP
and if 30 ohmygodwow tracks ain't enough for u then u should just go die.enjoy their sick raps in these songs;

Epik High-shopaholic

Epik High- Excuses

Epik High- high skool dropout

they're kinda diff from the first time I heard their song a longlong time ago eg fly,fan etc
much more sexier in a my head?haha,enjoy :D :D

oh,and the reason I wrote 3 posts today is to have that feeling when u have when writing a blog before I go to war next week.
the exact translations of that will be;
I'm gonna be on pre-hiatus starting today.PMR is next week maa
so no more bloggie.just book-ies ??HAHA
I'm still gonna be looking out for any Jay's ever-so-growing news tho.
so Imma check my mails at the same time.
maybe spy on other people blogs also..and playing cs is a must!kekeke
more like blog-hiatus huh lolol
and talking bout Jay..
HOTTEST's Jay sky banner project was a success! *clapclapyeahhhhh*
yea,the banner even earn it's slot in komo news,a local seattle news station
and apparently JYP is in Seattle now to meet Jay & family to talk bout stuff..
wootwoot. hope they're gonna talk bout good stuff to bring good news to every HOTTESTs in the world!!muahahaa!
follow the story at 2oneday since I'm not gonna be updating for a while

take care

captain of the wrong-doings

since I'm at home *coughcough*
needs to study & stuff && this is my break blah blah blah

Imma write something else in this precious blog of mine :D
it'll be lighter,promise

since next week is the PMR-hell week,I'm gonna write a bit about it.
I'm taking 8 subjects and I still don't get why that we need to have so many sybjects but Imma do it anyways..
try to get 8A's & shizz
I can get 8A's,I just need to study harder..
but honestly honestly,I don't want straight A's.
one word: labels or stereotypes
I got straight A's for my UPSR back in '06 and that suprised everyone,especially me.
so I got into 'elite' group of my high school & got an elite badge & everything
everyone treats me like I'm some kind of know-it-all
like,they see me as my results & not who I really am
that sucks.

then we moved to this oh-my-god city,Subang Jaya
I got into the last class as my KHB choice were not part of the 'elite' group of the school
I felt bad."I didn't belong with those monkeys" I thought
only after like,4 or 5 months I started liking studying in the same classroom as apes.
it's fun..people laugh,talk a lot & just do their own thing
I was well accepted too because they don't care about labels & I'm malay or some shit
(they're mostly chinese so yea)
I became one of them
even though I moved to another class this year (in front of them)
they still treat me the same.they visit my class & just fool around
because boys will always be boys
they like me for who I am & not because of my results or anything

and that's awesome. and I'm afraid that if I am the 'smart' type they,my friends are gonna treat me differently..nightmare.
to loose friends just because of labels & stereotypes
but I'm not gonna be dumbashell either
I'm just gonna do my best & hopefully my best is enough to make my parents,family happy etc
wish me luck yo :D :D

Just give it up,give it up

hey hi yoh

depressing much?
I feel like dying ..I don't know.
PMR is family is like this gpqsraasufioghui!!*@@*$094 and so on
and I thought I can get through this..
I'm an optimistic u see
On the outside,I always smile.always laugh.and all those fuzzy stuff
but inside of me..I am such a negative person,a hypocrite
and sometimes I show it,sometimes I don't
depends on the situation & also the people around me

having a bad day is normal for me..
but I am also a human that needs to have fun,to be with people I wanna be with..
to be anything that I wanna be..
seems like I won't be going anywhere if I don't do anything..
so I started my 'doing something' by posting this half-emo post.
since I'm not at school & stuff..hihihi

Saturday, September 26


10. I have only one name and that is Iman
9. my hair & eyes are actually dark brown if u look really close
8. My lips will turn really red if I eat anything spicy
7. I don't really look like a malay and I'm so,so thankful for that xP
6. My arms are really skinny,I have no idea why
5. I have long fingers because I play the piano,8th grade(:
4. I love talking so I love making friends
3. I get moody easily
2. My life would end if there's no music,food & water
1. I don't snore but I sometimes talk in my sleep hahaa

ps; this 'segment' will pop up whenever I'm bored to make u even boring-err than me.
make sense?haha

Thursday, September 24

counter strike:naminami

hey hi hahaa

guess ur wondering about the title huh..well,I started playing cs.yes,counter strike.and it's really wonder the boys love it so much..hahaa

tiring few days.too lazy to update my blog nowadays..
coz I'm barely in front of the pc but if I am I'll be playing cs.cs.&& jay

about that,I'm sooo sosooo psyked that MYhottest are gonna do a flash mob like kHottests did the onther day.wait,I forgot to post that vid.oh poo.__. maybe laterr key?
anyways,yeahh.they're awesome(: and HOTTESTs all around the world are gonna do
the same things.
omg..that's EPIC!really.for a leadja.for the leadja,Jay to come'll be great,great!
just hope it's after PMR since I need to pump up my brain muscles.and that's gonna be hell :D :D
like it is agama sucks weiyh >>:I and sejarah psdiughasdvu8edf-.-""""""""

help me!!

on the other side,tae yang is gonna make a solo comeback in oct.**omgomgfaints**
dang..I remember that I got this hugeeeeee crush on him from the big bang documentary.I mean,he's hot.and that shyness just..kills u! he's totally awesome but somehow..laterlater I found myself looking at TOP only.haha,girls' minds can change can it? just look at those eyebrows..yeaa..sexyy much??
ehem..but for now,I'm gonna be stuck on tae yang till TOP's 'Iris' come out.kekeke

Tuesday, September 22

RAYA ness ;D

It's the 3rd day of Raya..but I don't feel that 'raya-ism' yet.
but I do have PMR-panicness damn it.
oh I'm back in subang from Perak(: which was ok,ok so-so..haha..
here's a quick update on wat's been happening


woke up at like 6++ coz the damn air-cond was so crazily cold at the homestay house.
bath bath went to the granma's house by car lol..the old people already woke one or two of my cuzzies..
ate,ate..the rest woke up coz of our loud voices..
compliment my nice && also matching-coloured baju kurung.props for that.
some kids raya at the house.we didn't as my other cuzzies are at Arab:( I miss themmmmmm
and because the older ppl say we're to old for that kinda stuff..sdafliuahfgicv xD
no lunch,just grandma's bday cake.
watched ppl get pissed by kanye's actions.
on the VMA with my sleeping mom,bro && some cuzzies who were like,coming & going..
play,play,dinner && sleep after tonnes of sms at that place which is so unstable..line-wise.


woke up at 9+++ didn't set alarm bro had to wake me up.
fortunately they've finished packing to go back later that afternoon.
bat,bath ++ some pringles & off to grandma's house..
again,the ppl at granma's house died on their bed.lazy pigs HAHAA
ate,ate some mee goreng which was awesomely delish!
kuih raya,kuih raya && tv.
watched MKMF 07 on 8tv with some cuzzies while the other ppl had to tolerate annoying korean songs HAHA pity.
some ppl came..dunno who..
Big bang,suju,wonder girls && a few I-dunno-who performed.
it was 2007 for God's sake lolsss
in the car before 12.30pm without lunch.
arrived at home at around 3pm & ate lunch at the sister's kopitiam where I had mee teow soup hee~
and the rest of the day will bored u to death.


planning to go to the other grandma's house(papa's side) in ampang.
will update on that later.

ps sorry,no pics.tooooo lazy heeee(:

Saturday, September 19

in a flash


and also,have a wonderful week-off (:

ps;will update laterlater lol


Thursday, September 17

HOTTEST forever babeh!!

International HOTTESTs just released a 'union statement' saying how they or we,rather not gonna support 2PM without the rightful leader.and I think that's awesome.
we need our Jay backkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

In a korean newspaper;khottest realesed a statement about how unfair JYPE is.and how he should've stopped Jay from leaving us on 080909.yes,that's really awesome.BUT
JYP just released another statement.and I dunno whether to laugh,cry or just die.

I talked to JYPE staffs, 2PM members, and JAEBUM about our future plans. First of all, although many people have sent their encouraging words to JAEBUM, he hasn’t changed his mind; thinking he made a huge mistake. He said that he is still very sorry and too ashamed to be on the stage. He also told me that since other 2PM members have worked so hard, they should not be affected by this in any negative ways. That’s why he left 2PM so quickly.

I think the same way as JAEBUM. The reason why I didn't stop him from leaving is because I thought whether Jay being in 2PM or not now won’t be that big deal when you look at his life as a whole. Some think 4 years of his hard working has been destroyed, but his skills that were built up in 4 years are still remained in his body.

If JAEBUM receives a chance to grow up and become more mature by this incident, he will be able to fly even further later on. As criticism against Jay was way too harsh, requesting to revoke Jay's resignation is asking for too much as well. It’s my role to respect his opinion wanting to have his time alone apart from the stage, and help him later when he says he wants to be on the stage again.

I think you should give him supports by then. Again, I apologize for not being able to manage and protect him well. We'll try our best to not make this happen again

Thank you again,
2PM will continue their schedule with 6 members as it was planned
SOURCE:, oneday-room
anyways*trying to cheer myself up*
Taegoon's new MV just's called 'betrayed' he got betrayed by this girl so he kept on dancing..

he's awesomeeeeeeeee.and uberly sexayyyyyyyy..he reminds me of RAIN.ahhhh~I need to download quick!!coz I got like,all of taegoon's songs!!woo hooooooooo:D :D
I laughed when I read wat poopiness wrote on allkpop;

"It seems that basic story line here is that Taegoon’s character is betrayed by the girl, and all he could do is dance away the pain. I have to say that I totally understand how he feels. The last time a girl betrayed me, I danced in front of my car nonstop for about a week. It was the only way I knew how to cope with the unbearable pain. I have never before felt so crushed, so betrayed and so full of hatred and resentment for the world. So many questions went through my mind. "How could she do something like this? How could she betray my trust? I told her over and over to keep it a secret, so how could she just go and tell it to the whole world?" Thanks to her, now everyone and their mothers know that I still wet the bed. I don't even do it everyday! My mom can be so mean sometimes."

goodbye annoying ppl :D :D

Yes,it's the last day of school.yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy
well,the last day of school was yesterday for the other 19 ppl from my class who didn't come
there were like 4 chinese dudes+1 malay dude+2 chinese girls+2 malay girls=my class of awesomeness.
by far,my class had the least number of students today in the entire school.and that made us very proud when one of the teachers asked us wat had happened HAHAA

We did nothing & Icha did our bm test only.coz the other teachers weren't in.
so we went hunting around the school..we bullied annantha with some of the seniors dudes & 3G guys.
I guess the seniors were suprised when I talked in chinese with one of the 3G guys.
they were like O.o "u serious?chinese or malay that girl" haha,like I didn't understand..
the fun part was when of them decided to teach us about they wrote 'about sex' pretty big on the white board.I asked one of them,whom I call fish to teach us something;

ehh,teach us about sex la..ur too noisy lah(trying to avoid him asking for my phone LOL)
ok la,ok la.first thing u remember;CONDOM
ohh*laughs*then then?
then ah..ohh..then ahh*he asked the cuter dude--G*
then anything lah *smiled this horny smile*
me & icha & them laughed so hard that ppl thought we were ghosts haha

the seniors were in front with annantha looking at us who's having fun.haaa..then we helped them hide from their teacher & stuff..damn funny ah!
after I wrote ;have fun; under the title 'about sex' which is when the class was empty.which is like,after a few hours;;me & Icha went to agama class next door(3E)with other 2 3E students.Hanif & new girl.
Icha studied science while
I studied SPM level agama.harhard la!I learned a few thing about marriage that I didn't know's crazy.haihh

ohh,a philipino girl just transferred to class 3E from sekolah cempaka.she's okayy.she love korea & japanese like me.haha.that's awesome as it's like,so rare to find ppl like that in our we get along well.
haha,it was som funny when she didn't know whether I'm malay or the convo--ohh her name is ricia(:

hiiiii^^u mix chinese yea? bout u?chinese also?or malay?
me ar?ehmm..malay,malay
no lah..japanese!
oh japanese..*innocent face*
*icha laughed**ricia confused face*
ehh no la..I'm korean..annyong haseyyo
annyong hasseyo(:

Hanif laughed & so did Icha.I was like omg..turns out that she's learning korean through the internet.she later found out that I am actually malay so yeahh..LOL

Wednesday, September 16

coz they're gay.

Hey yoo

**they're as in netizens muahahaa!**coughcough**
yea it's been a long time.sorry,I've been too lazy to post anything up in here. Been following Jay's case 24/7 so I don't have much time to write about
today was the last day of exam.yey!!
but I still have to go to school!!
coz I didn't do the history paper & also BM2 paper.Thank god Icha is gonna come..
or I'll cry.HAHAA

an update on Jay;
  • he's still not in korea(like duhh!)
  • the news about the 'silent protest' with 1500 HOTTEST on 130909 got into a newspaper in Singapore.yea,that far.
  • HOTTESTs are gonna boycott 2PM with only 6 members.
  • HOTTESTs made phamplets which are so totally cool & straight-forward..RAWWR
  • JYP released a statement saying he's really sorry but that ain't enough
  • lots of celebs stand up for Jay esp boom
  • his dad's friend wrote somethings up bout Jay.really's in 2oneday.
I guess that's it.
hope Jay's coming back soon!!I can't take this much pressure T.T
PMR is coming..Hari raya is like,4 days away..haihh

Saturday, September 12


hey yohh

tiring few days. study,Jay,study,Jay..yea,my life is full of it.
exam started on wednesday but duhh I didn't go. I did go on thursday tho.eng papers.
we had geog & chinese papers yesterday..during chinese paper,I sat with the chinese group..the other end of the class..coz I didn't want to mix with malays too much(they're loud xD) so yeahh..
Collin,the dude who's sitting beside me suddenly gave me his brush & ink and asked me to write some chinese I did.I copied his examples. and duuudeeee I think I did a good job *winkwink*
but collin ah~he just laughed lol. I just played with the brush.good stuff,fun ah.hee~I find the english objective paper not that hard.So I finished quite early then I go to sleep. When I was about to put my head on the table,the dunno-wat-teacher pat on my shoulder & asked "Iman dah siap?" I was like O.o "dah" & thought how did she know my name?

that's about it I guess.
oh..we went to buy baju raya just now.I got myself a yellow-ish-orang-ish baju kurung pahang style lol.I don't even know the diff.

JAY. we got like,160 thousand signatures for a korean petition to bring Jay back.that awesome.kHottests are gonna boycott JYP.Onew,Tei +other celebs & a member of the south korean political party supports Jay.That's beyond awesome.and yea,we want Jay back!!!
[[notice the new banner heee]]

Wednesday, September 9

awww Jay...

yea,I'm not in school. I got a really big headache which I think I got it coz of Jaebum's thingy..
and yea,he left Korea.I cried.

I followed it really closely yesterday..since the news broke out till he got on the plane..but it's not just me tho.thousands or more hottests followed the story in twitter & made jaebum & wooyoung & Jay the trending topic.I was like "omgwtfcool" but some dudes were like "wtf is wooyoung?" lol,I laughed for the first time since I heard Jay is gonna quit JYPE.

erghhh..2OD has made a lot of plans to bring Jay post its notes at jype office in NYC &Korea.I dun wanna write so much bout it. Coz I feel more & more sad if I talk bout it so much.
But I still tweets to JYP stuff like;

@followjyp They aren't 7 people, they're ONE. 2PM is not 2PM without Jay.
@followjyp There is only one leader for 2PM. And he's Jay.
@followjyp We, Hottest, will never stop fighting for Jay, so please allow us to still fight for him.
@followjyp We trust you not to take Jay away from us.JYPE family, please understand us.
@followjyp We stand, believe, and love only 7. No more, no less, no one else.

it's another project from 2OD.So if ur a hottest just like me,rooting for our beloved leadja..
please,please do the same & tweet JYP to make him realize that 2PM - Jay= 0

I'm missing Jay already..hope he's fine in seattle..ohh he arrived there at 12.40 pm(seattle time)
Edit for those who are unaware of this situation:

Park Jaebum, former 2PM leader, now known as Jay Park has left Korea.
About 500 - 1000 fans showed up at the airport to stop Jay from going back
to the States. Everyone was sad, heartbroken and they were crying non-stop.
I wish Jay the best. Maybe someday he'll debut as a singer in the States.
You never know.
He actually left 2PM cause he didn't want his mistake to make the whole group suffer along with him.
He left as a leader taking responsibility by not putting the group into anymore trouble.
Though I do wish that maybe Jay could've stayed stronger for just a little while.
Sigh. It's okay..*sobsobdies*

Tuesday, September 8


**warning:may contain strong language that's not suitable for children under the age of 5**

hey yo

I just got back from school.and the first thing I do was going to allkpop just to find a heart breaking news.
yea,it's about Jay. Guess wat? He quits 2PM & JYPE.he quits.he quits!
I still can't believe this.
and it's just because of the stupid
myspace controversy that happened like,5 yrs ago.

I tell u,netizens aka anti 2PM are WHACKED.I mean,the past is the past damn it.
and he wrote that bcoz he was like,under pressure & stuff.coz he trained for like,12 hrs a day?
and if that's not enough..he was new to the korean world.adapting to the new world can be so tough..haihhhhhh omg.I wanna

fuckin shit ass netizens even did a petition to make Jay kill himself.wa liau.that's pushing eveything off the edge.
fuckers with no brains.

Let me tell u this netizens.Jaebum is the soul of 2PM.and 2PM is like my soul..and every hottest.
without him..fuhhhhhhh
wahhhh~ Jay will go back to the usa today at 530pm if I'm correct.
pfftt..I don't fell like studying but exam is depressed rite now..wahhhhhhhhhhhhh
come back JAEBUM!!!!!!!!!!!Don't leave ur hottests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but I think he's making the rite decision..I mean,if he stays in the world,mania-tic world of korea they won't receive him the way they use yeaa...
omg,JAEBUM!!!!!PROMISE ME u'll be succesfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't ever give up.FIGHTING!!
this is worse than having 2PM'a album release date postponed.and totally,totally worse than having all of 2PM's activities cancelled..
omg.omg.2PM fighting!!!!!
join 2OD to support 2PM and also 2AM.
**I wanted to put links of Jay's news from allkpop.but it ain't working..freakin hell.maybe I'll put it up later..

Sunday, September 6


morning,morning..the sun has arise.
The souls of sleepy men awake.
The stomach of many others grumble finding food to be eaten.
But what a sad & pitiful little thing.
It is a fasting day dear stomach.
No food are alowed until it is dawn.
Alas,the stomach said "I shall wait and maybe look at some 2PM pictures to meditate with"
And I did what I was told,
And remembered that I have forgotten to post about the Mnet's 20 choice award
"One of the most exciting award and you forgotten master?" the stomach asked in an angry tone
"yes,but I am going to write about it now and maybe attach it to a video with it"

everything about it was sexy, cute, hot, amazing, WOW
its so good to see our junsu back :)
GAHH. junho and woo's dance cut, was ADORABLE fricking

I envy that damn girl.__.
kyaaa~2pm is love :) like,aigoo~can't stop watching it!!
espacially the omg-they're-wet part at the end.I died.