Sunday, August 30

We're just not gettin any younger

hey hii yo!

I know wat ur thinkin ;"wassup with the title weiyh?.___."
well,here's my answer; "I have no idea arr-.-;;;;"
HAHA don't ask.
I just got back from my grandma's house in ampang..buka puasa there,chat with my long-lost-cuzzie & blah blahness..met my niece(yes,niece O.o) she is awesomely cuteeeeee
they tied her hair like,an apple..u know where u pull ur fringe & tie it on top of ur head?
I gotta sayy ohmygawddd she looks totally like wooyounggie! with her mata sepet & baby fat cheeks..I can't stop calling her "woogoo come here" & stuff HAHAA so cuteeee..and now,I forgot her name-.- sad case,she doesn't have her own identity hahaa
she got a bigger sis too..but she doesn't talk much.just like"...ugh" etc etc xP
btw,they're both like below 5 yrs old..I dunno,forgot liao zzz

Tommorow is Merdeka Day.where we,malaysian citizens celebrate our independence. I'm sure I ain't gonna celebrate it tho lol.coz we're gonna go out anyways..weeeeeeee~

and duhh..I'm secretly rooting for korea & Japan maa HAHAA

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