Saturday, August 8 did break


I made a twitter account just now. Just bcoz I was bored*ehem*
fine,bcoz I found out that Junho from 2PM just updated hi acc(: hahaa
I was waiting for it since Nickhun updated his page on may lol xD
they left it empty since they signed up..haihh..oh,and by 'they' I mean the 2PM guys

so here's the link;
make one urself too kay?:]
and yes,I'm still sticking with my nickname..I love it!'naminami' sounds just

I did my nails O.o wat are u guys thinking?hahaa
nah..*coughcough* I meant by 'did'--I shape it,polish it..and coloured,I put purple-ish red & blue-- alternately on my fingers.and just brown for my toe nails.gotta say,I did a pretty nice job 8D it looks effing cute + sexy at the same time xD ahahaa

I'm so addicted to Brown Eyed Girls rite now..they're like,awesome..I've been wasting time downloading their songs since afternoon--coz I woke up at like 10 or something.coz I slept at like 1 am.I couldn't sleep..a freakin cat behind our house was like "miaww miawww rawwr!"
and my room is like,just upstairs.shishh..I hope it died.HAHA,mean!o_o

it's 8th of August. PMR is so near it's freakin me out to do nothing.watdafak. Iman!but yet,I'm still here.
I totally miss 2008..oh wait..I miss the early-days of 2009.yea..that were the days..not that much pressure bout PMR.staring at the white board of nothingness was okay..suju & 2PM's comeback fever.the feeling of meeting interesting but fun dudes everywhere..ahhh~I miss those stuff!

oh well,time moves is how it is I guess..just enjoy it(:

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