Thursday, August 13

wat's ur name,little kitty?

hey o: I need a hug!!

4 remaining classes were *gasp jabbed today and mygod,does it hurt!during the injection was fun but the after affect is like "dude,where's my arm?" hurts a lot for me coz after my turn,it was my friend,N's turn.after she was done,she was like right beside me and suddenly grabbed my left-hand(which was the injection hand) and was like,squeezing it._. I immediately squealed and kicked her legs to let go of her classmates--outside were like O.o wtf? the teacher asked "y did u kicked N?" so me with my about-to-cry face answered "she squeezed my arm la teacher"

and everyone was like "y did u squeezed Iman's arm?" N just said "err..sorry Iman!sorry sorry sorry sorry!"-- kinda like Suju's song HAHA anyways, the girls was like "u ok?" the guys just looked on coz they tot I was crying which I totally was not.I was holding back my arm just felt like it was like a when she squezeed it,more blood came felt like it was gonna explode or something.hahaa

Icha got it worse.she cried.coz she was sick.poor thing.they said it was gonna last for 3 days,the pain I mean.I was like,O.o "3 days ar?cannot any less ma?" coz he,my chinese form 2 junior said back "canot ar" and,wat's so funny?

when I was on the way to class,I met some 3G guys who I am very familiar with.they stopped & asked me "nice ar,the pain?" I was like "noooo" so they tried to punch it, brain of the guys came close seriosly wanted to punch me on my arm.I wanted to run away but I can't. so this other dude came & 'rescue' me.he said something in chinese to the 1st dude & beat him up HAHAA and said to me "be strong ar,not sakit la.."ngee~sweet dude..

so I entered we & icha & N (who's still so guilty) are like,sitting in a group with the chinese dudes of our class..which means that it's totally fun..they talk a lot of,comparing who's stronger..who can play Dota better.but they study too which is kinda weird xD

ps:Nickhun-nie looks sooo ahh-dorable in his mv 'let's take a break'!!♥ himm

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