Tuesday, August 11

ur ok..but I'm bettah ;)

18 packs of Jaebom's hot,hot abs ;o

I rest my case lol xD

fuh~anyways yo.

I'm on a wild bunny marathon :) I LOVE 2PM!! I'm like watching the show non-stop on youtube coz I missed 2 eps d ._. and me like it!hehe..go watch it!xD

an oh-kay weekend.we went to subang parade for dinner & shopping.I ate kari-rice at sushi king.it was totally nice(: better then the one I ate at sakae sushi..it's a nice mix of curry & well..rice.and some other stuff--that I dunno hahaa.not too much and definately not too little.hee~

school was a heck of poop!


yesterday was our last day of exam..I slept 3 times coz the first paper was chinese paper 2 and I dun take it thank u very much.second paper was chinese paper 1..and the last paper was khb which was ok-ok lahh..collin,who was sitting beside me for the exam also didn't come last thurs & fri..and one of his friends,JR was like,"ohh..u two go where arr" *raise eyebrows* the geng make'woo-ing' sound. I was speechless so Collin said "we went to africa.coz sick maa.." lolss xD we got anywhere and u picked africa(??)ahahaa..

had a talk with the form 3's cutest guy *coughcoughewww*--lyan, who's also my bestie's ex..it was after school at the taman,in front of the school.his 'fans' gave me a sharp look coz I'm like closeclose to him.so there we were,talking bout random on-going stuff when I felt a "ughh.." feeling towards me.so I looked to my side.there was like 5/6 girls--in a group looking at us.I was like o__O there was like, a guy trying to get their attention but still,they kept on looking at us..so scary lehh..!so I was like,scared d.I said to him "okla,later ke we talk key?byee" and left.hahaa


didn't learn a thing today.my god,damn bored weiyhh..plus,I got only 5 subjects today..only 1 teacher came into the class..fortunately,I went out of class after recess to do the papers I've missed--coz I'm such a good girl x.x anyways,did sejarah and science paper2 with collin just now.I'm going to do sc paper 1 & bm tomoro..haihh and just when I tot I could skip..

after I did the papers,I had around 20 mins before balik time.so I didn't go to class.instead,I lepak at the 3G's class..beside me.the annoying-dunno-wat-teacher is replacing my geog teacher coz she's sick or something.so yeahh..it's like,a freaky animal free show in there!hahaa..I mean,seriously.guys jumping everywhere.girls are all flocked up into a group--malay & chinese diff lehh-.-" when their maths teacher arrived.me,atiqah & some guys fled the class.HAHAA

we went outside.talked & stuff..a pair of cute guys & their companion were like,so niceee..hee~respect.yea,that's the word.but they were teasing me..like,they made a rumour of me liking one of the bros.I was like *disgusted face* "ewww..wateff" I got my share of twins a long time d..and it was hard to handle weiyh HAHAA

&& y do this post look so long?-.-" and I made u read this? wow I'm cruel.lol

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