Sunday, August 30

to pass my time

Fill out this fun Put your ipod on shuffle and put the song titles as the
answers.This was kinda fun actually^_____^

When you wake up you say...

marry me-lee seunggi + Romeo & Juliette-SHINee

Its friday, how do you feel?
crazy dog-big bang

Summer! The first thing you do...
Dancing shoes-AJ

When you see your crush you think...

Vanilla love-lee hyun jin & Onew
The song that describes your best friend....
micheyosso-Son dambi
When your alone you think...
I don't love you-MCR
Just failed your final! What do you say!?
Reset-Super Junior
This is your favorite song

I hate you-2PM
This song describes your room

Your crush just asked you out! You say...
Again and again-2PM

This song describes your personality

This song describes your past

Haru haru-Big Bang
Song that describes your life

Breath-G Dragon
This song describes your future
Fly-Epik High

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