Friday, August 28

this one's for u(:

it's me againnnnnn
back from sakae sushi to buka puasa*yummmmmm*

So I've been thinking..and realized something!
woogoo looks like a friend of me, A.but he's in sabah now.
me & A got a little history yeaa
I mean,last year..we were classmates.
he was like,the ultimate prankster in the class.
ohh,how I miss him. The class is oh-so-quite without the
and well,about the history.
maybe I'm not gonna write it here..hahaaweeeeee~
but A,if ur reading this
(which I totallyyyyyy doubt)
I'll cherish every single thing that we went through together.
happy,good times & the dark,not-so-good moments.Thank u so much for always being there for me.Hope to see u soon coz I miss you & remember that I'll nvr forget bout u(: love ya!


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