Thursday, August 20


I've been really really bored lately.I mean life without school is..
totally damn,damn bored weiyh-.-

so all I've done at home is the usual chores & watching wild bunny & some tv shows.
like just now,was bored outta my mind,decided to watch a malay movie 'sepet'--again.
and gosh,did I enjoyed it!I guess I didn't understand it the first time I got it just hard it is for a malay girl to be with a chinese hard it is for the world to see everyone the same way.shame. totally.I can totally relate to the story.a malay girl,who hates is not into malays that much.
but loves chinese,japanese & all those 'sepet people'.then the girl,eventually fell for one.hahaa..sounds so familiar lah!everyday like that one xD
it's like,soo open.the movie I mean..hope people understand it tho.
hope to see more malay+chinese together lehh..ok malaysia??!!hahaa(:
but I did cry in the bro was like, O.o "y r u cyring?"
hahaa..I do get emotional with this kinda koizora.
y does the cute guys always die first??!!haiyohh..

anyways yeaa..
Yasmin Ahmad is a great story teller.she will always be in our hearts. So thanks & may you rest in

**ps; 'sepet' means slit-eyed chinese,korean,japanese..mostly asians laa.malays are not generally sepet but I am.
so people tend to think that I am chinese or korean or etc
well, I like ppl calling me that compared to ppl calling me a malay actually..
so dun worry bout hurting my feelings or anything.
if u actually care,that is HAHAA

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