Sunday, August 23

Ramadhan yea~!

lala heyy

it's the fasting season.and that means no food; water & all those stuff that can make us feel better.heee~

I'm at my grandma's house in kuala kangsar,Perak. 2 of my cuzzies are here so I won't be geeting bored that easily!xD it's a pity that they are both of the dudes are not the same age as me :(
gonna go back to Subang at tuesday morningmorning I think..

I just found out that 2PM & SHINee were on 'idol army',totally late-.-"
anyways,it was awesomeeee!! I love nickhun & taemin.they really looked like a totally attractive gay couple! I was like OMOMOMOMO when I saw them,winking at each far,the best ep yet.coz I'm not done watching them yet..HAHAA

Key was so adorablee when Junsu didn't picked him at 3:40..hahaa
and,and watch Nickhunnie's & taemin's omg-did-u-just-melt-my-heart wink!! and it did melt my heart hahaa
stop at 8:00 mins & enjoyy(:

--going to sleep hungry to write lehh lolss

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