Friday, August 14

it's kinda late but still..

2PM + SHINee + Mc Mong performs SNSD's Genie (090809)

all I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

where should I start?
wooyoung looks ackwardly cute with the pink bow (:
the worst dresser title still belongs to taecyeon,with the epic-ly short SHORTS
taemin seriously looks like a 15 year-old school girl xD
key,blonde hottie who tries really hard to look non-girly but he failed lol.
and Mc Mong who seems to be the only man in the bunch, stands his grounds without putting on the pink bow

all in all,an awesome performance :D

btw,I didn't go to school today.and not gonna till futher notice.
but dun worry I dun have h1n1 or anything.heee~8)

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