Sunday, August 16


2PM's performance on inkigayo was so so awesome!
my Junsu pulled it off eventhough he was wearing a mask--coz of his recent operation.
[[Get well soon Junsu!

so anyways, they performed 4 hothot hits from the past..

the first song was 'You In Fantasy' ( by JYP) being performed by Jaebom,Junsu & wooyoung-niee^^ it's..epic.they look sorta young..and me love it!hahaa
the 2nd song was like "whoa!" for me.coz taec,Junho,chansung & nickhunnie looked uberly sexxxyy in black.and the song was even sexy to match's call 'kiss' by I forgot who la._.

and omygod!it was so cuuuuteeeee when nickhunnie,wooyoung-niee,Junho & jaebom sang 'forever love' it was like,watching the wild bunnies turn good in their white-as-snow outfits!
but pfftt.I'm not complaining xD I love the song.ngee~
Junho was really Rain-nish when he performed 'bad guy'(by Rain) with the guys--not including my Junsu ;( and omygodd #2 they look hot!I love wooyoung!he look soo..bad!hahaa


2PM strikes again hottests ;) I dun even know if I can really go to sleep now after watching their performances lolss
--well,they are a few other performances I enjoyed like Kara's again & again lol xD

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