Thursday, August 20


hey hi u!!

I'm abit hyperr since I've been watching a lot of wild bunny lately..over & over again weeee~!!
totally love 2PM!! and plus, with the 'dirty eyed girls' ep coming up next week..
they're seriously gonna rule the world one fangirl at a time!muahahaa xD ;

and ep 5 was epic.chansung,taec & wooyounggie (without jokwon & seulong) bumped into ms 'shakey',chayeon.gosh,she was pretty..anyways,it was so hillarious!like,chansung tried to hide but didn't work & stuff.taec with his 'omg,she's-an-angel' kinda face and my wooyoung was sooo cute<33.he made a really freaky scared face.hahaa.he got some chubby cheeks yo!ngee~:D
seriously can't wait for the next ep.ahhh.the thought of waiting for another week to watch it makes me so..arghh!

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