Tuesday, August 18

deep voice = so sexyyy

hey hi(:

yea,I've changed my layout,again.and a new banner to make it more 2PM-ish lol..
I did a great job huh?heee~

anyways,did I told u that I am totally addicted to Baek jiyoung's latest song 'my candy ears'?
guess not.ohh,ohh.did I told u that it features 2PM's beast,taec? *fangirl scream*
yea,omg..his voice is oh-so deep!and u know how much I fall for guys with deep voice.
well,example..there's shige-husky-hot-voice,TOP-ohmygod-hotness-much and now,
taec the latest-deep-voice-hotness in my collection *evil-ly laughs muahaha!*
he also sing with another noona(old woman) Bada.but I dun really wanna talk bout her.
nothing special maa hahaa

so yeahh..I totally love baek's songs since she made
'cheongmajeun geotcheorom'--just like being shot.it was my break-up song,mind u.ngee~xD
so this song 'my ears candy' is like totally diff.it's more club-bish..listen for urself(:

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