Friday, August 14

boredom just passed by me

answer the following questions lol

what was the last book you've read?
my geog textbook I guess._.

what was the last movie you watched?
Juno,love it<3

when the last time you sang jingle bells?
haha,in the shower just now xP

what kind of music do you listen to?
mostly pop,dance,emo rock and some technosss

if you got to be the age you are in any year what year would it be?
last year..oh wait,ehmm..dunno

whats your name?
Iman,u got a problem with that,betch?xD

do you like marshmellows?
totally!with chocolate syrup yumm*droolsdrools

whats something that pisses you off?
well..maybe when I dun have enough sleep.I'm not really sure tho

how do you spell doughnuts/donuts?
donuts duhh..the shorter the better :D

do you have a cat?
I love cats!but I'm allergic to them ;(

how many more days until school starts?
less than 24 hours but I ain't going HAHA

where are you?
I dun really front of the computer I guess

do you have any current cuts or bruises?
yea,a few.

whens the last time you went to the beach?
in may?

who's the last friend you saw?
dylan,at school yesterday lolss

what was your first favourite band?
I's between the backstreet boys,blue and sugar ray..(:

are you chewing gum right now?
no,I can't but I seriously want to..ngee

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