Friday, August 28

baby toenailsssss heeee

hey hiiii

first of all--happy bday Jo kwon!!!
take care of ur lady-like lips yea!!yeayea hahaaa~!!

I've spend my 2 weeks at home studying,not eating,TV,online and of course 2PM--wild bunny,idol army,it's time 2PM & hot blood men--LOL so yeahh..I'm a wee bit stuck to in,
totally addicted to them!GAHHHHHxD

ep 6 of wild bunny was effing funny!when jay,nickhun & junho came at the end--no junsu tho--they were like, "wow..u guys really messed up!" HAHAA
so in ep 7,they're gonna be couch potatoes(: kinda like me lah??lol
anyways,there's this one part(last part of ep 6) where they show wat everyone
[[again,no junsu :( get well soon soon!! ]]

brought from their house to the house they were gonna live in.and also,MC junho wanted to see everyone's fingernails.which was kinda LOL-ness x) wooyounggie's proudly showed his nails coz they were all short & clean :D :D
then I found out that his baby toe nail is like mine :D :D :D
I mean,I have a weird baby,it's not smooth and kinda well,baby-like(:
HAHAA so I felt happyyyyyy coz most people dun have this kinda baby yeahh
a thing only I can share with wooyounggie! *droooooooooolssssfaints*
yea rite..with thousands other people got this kinda baby toenails xP

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