Thursday, August 27

I hate you 2.0 :) :)

awww,chansunggie is awesomely cute back then..but now,he's awesomely hot ain't he?x3
I mean look at his dance solo in the DEG's MV *droolsdroolsdies*

my day started when I wake up to go to the toilet.and to my liking, it was 10 am.
I thought to myself "dammit y do u always have to pee at 10am Iman??" coz when it's 10 it's hard to go back to sleep.So I opened the pc since my dad isn't up yet..and my bro stuck with his games._. msn,myspace some forums then I watched a lot of youtube,idol blood men(my wooyounggie so cute!!) & so on la that's related to 2PM lolss..yes,I'm obsessed.HAHAA

I mean,might as well watch 2PM while waiting for wild bunny with subs to be uploaded rite?50-50 win maa hahaa xD
but I feel,I'm cheating on Big Bang..Sorry Big Bang!!!!!!
I still love u guys~!!!!!
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D

and now,I'm waiting to watch wild bunny to load.yeaaaaaaaaaaa
love u youtube!!hahaa..crazy liao^________^

baek jiyoung & taec performed 2PM's I hate you just now.and it's cool..sounds disco-ish(:
she looks so sexyy but still,
not as sexyyy as my taec ;)

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