Sunday, August 16


hey hi(:

tired liao lehh..I slept a lot today.but we did went grocery shopping in bangsar yesterday which was okay..except for the hothot sun that was like on top of my head._. ate at yet,another japanese restaurant with philipinos waitresses.kinda weird la.the restaurant is call 'kuriya restaurant' or something.the family beside us were so loud. I couldn't even eat

I heard MTV world stage was da bomb.I dun regret that I didn't go tho.coz I rather save my money to watch 2PM or maybe Big Bang live in that would be totally u guys better get ur butts down here!!

and omg, wild bunny is sooo LMAOOOOO!!
I watched ep 4 yesterday and I kept on laughing & laughing.although it was like 11pm++ but I didn't care pffftt..
I love Jaebum!he is damn funny weiyhhh..seriously,when he hit taec again & god,LMAOOOO much?? like,with his uberly sexy smile & funny witts.he drives hottest crazyyy.especially in part 3;watch it & u'll know wat I mean :D

ps: but I still love Junsu,wooyoung,junho,nickhun-nie,chansung & taec--everyone lah!!
not just Jaebum I mean..HAHAA xD

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