Friday, August 7

abracadabra I'm back(:

hey hey hi hi^^

fuhh~nearly one month.nearly.and I got lots to blog about..
lol I think I forgot how to use this thing ahaha xD

well,maybe some people dun realize that I'm suppose to be at school now
*coughcough looks away*
but I got the fluuuuuuu,again.and we got a science test today.ahaha!
and I studied too..tough luck._.
I'm like,having flu every week now..I missed my b. melayu exam.and now,science..??
wat's up with that?
but I did managed to do english,geog & math..and seni---which doesn't count.
only 2 days of school this week*tsktsk
maybe it's bcoz of the haze..I sat beside the back door during the exam and like,Collin--who's sitting beside me during exam was like @.@""" and the girl who's sitting beside him was also like =.="""" sick much?
our fav teacher,annantha was outta school too.haihhh..
sick,sick everywhere huh..well,are u sick?if u are,we can have a 'sick-knock-out party' or'll be awesome:) HAHAA

oh,and our school--SMK USJ13's carnival is moved to another date coz of health issues..pitypity..and the date is still undecided..they say it's bcoz of a form 1 student got the H1N1. It is yet to be confirmed..Imma think it's true anyways lol
update later,I forgot wat else I wanted to write -.-" ngee~

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