Sunday, August 30

to pass my time

Fill out this fun Put your ipod on shuffle and put the song titles as the
answers.This was kinda fun actually^_____^

When you wake up you say...

marry me-lee seunggi + Romeo & Juliette-SHINee

Its friday, how do you feel?
crazy dog-big bang

Summer! The first thing you do...
Dancing shoes-AJ

When you see your crush you think...

Vanilla love-lee hyun jin & Onew
The song that describes your best friend....
micheyosso-Son dambi
When your alone you think...
I don't love you-MCR
Just failed your final! What do you say!?
Reset-Super Junior
This is your favorite song

I hate you-2PM
This song describes your room

Your crush just asked you out! You say...
Again and again-2PM

This song describes your personality

This song describes your past

Haru haru-Big Bang
Song that describes your life

Breath-G Dragon
This song describes your future
Fly-Epik High

We're just not gettin any younger

hey hii yo!

I know wat ur thinkin ;"wassup with the title weiyh?.___."
well,here's my answer; "I have no idea arr-.-;;;;"
HAHA don't ask.
I just got back from my grandma's house in ampang..buka puasa there,chat with my long-lost-cuzzie & blah blahness..met my niece(yes,niece O.o) she is awesomely cuteeeeee
they tied her hair like,an apple..u know where u pull ur fringe & tie it on top of ur head?
I gotta sayy ohmygawddd she looks totally like wooyounggie! with her mata sepet & baby fat cheeks..I can't stop calling her "woogoo come here" & stuff HAHAA so cuteeee..and now,I forgot her name-.- sad case,she doesn't have her own identity hahaa
she got a bigger sis too..but she doesn't talk much.just like"...ugh" etc etc xP
btw,they're both like below 5 yrs old..I dunno,forgot liao zzz

Tommorow is Merdeka Day.where we,malaysian citizens celebrate our independence. I'm sure I ain't gonna celebrate it tho lol.coz we're gonna go out anyways..weeeeeeee~

and duhh..I'm secretly rooting for korea & Japan maa HAHAA

Friday, August 28

this one's for u(:

it's me againnnnnn
back from sakae sushi to buka puasa*yummmmmm*

So I've been thinking..and realized something!
woogoo looks like a friend of me, A.but he's in sabah now.
me & A got a little history yeaa
I mean,last year..we were classmates.
he was like,the ultimate prankster in the class.
ohh,how I miss him. The class is oh-so-quite without the
and well,about the history.
maybe I'm not gonna write it here..hahaaweeeeee~
but A,if ur reading this
(which I totallyyyyyy doubt)
I'll cherish every single thing that we went through together.
happy,good times & the dark,not-so-good moments.Thank u so much for always being there for me.Hope to see u soon coz I miss you & remember that I'll nvr forget bout u(: love ya!


baby toenailsssss heeee

hey hiiii

first of all--happy bday Jo kwon!!!
take care of ur lady-like lips yea!!yeayea hahaaa~!!

I've spend my 2 weeks at home studying,not eating,TV,online and of course 2PM--wild bunny,idol army,it's time 2PM & hot blood men--LOL so yeahh..I'm a wee bit stuck to in,
totally addicted to them!GAHHHHHxD

ep 6 of wild bunny was effing funny!when jay,nickhun & junho came at the end--no junsu tho--they were like, "wow..u guys really messed up!" HAHAA
so in ep 7,they're gonna be couch potatoes(: kinda like me lah??lol
anyways,there's this one part(last part of ep 6) where they show wat everyone
[[again,no junsu :( get well soon soon!! ]]

brought from their house to the house they were gonna live in.and also,MC junho wanted to see everyone's fingernails.which was kinda LOL-ness x) wooyounggie's proudly showed his nails coz they were all short & clean :D :D
then I found out that his baby toe nail is like mine :D :D :D
I mean,I have a weird baby,it's not smooth and kinda well,baby-like(:
HAHAA so I felt happyyyyyy coz most people dun have this kinda baby yeahh
a thing only I can share with wooyounggie! *droooooooooolssssfaints*
yea rite..with thousands other people got this kinda baby toenails xP

Thursday, August 27

I hate you 2.0 :) :)

awww,chansunggie is awesomely cute back then..but now,he's awesomely hot ain't he?x3
I mean look at his dance solo in the DEG's MV *droolsdroolsdies*

my day started when I wake up to go to the toilet.and to my liking, it was 10 am.
I thought to myself "dammit y do u always have to pee at 10am Iman??" coz when it's 10 it's hard to go back to sleep.So I opened the pc since my dad isn't up yet..and my bro stuck with his games._. msn,myspace some forums then I watched a lot of youtube,idol blood men(my wooyounggie so cute!!) & so on la that's related to 2PM lolss..yes,I'm obsessed.HAHAA

I mean,might as well watch 2PM while waiting for wild bunny with subs to be uploaded rite?50-50 win maa hahaa xD
but I feel,I'm cheating on Big Bang..Sorry Big Bang!!!!!!
I still love u guys~!!!!!
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D

and now,I'm waiting to watch wild bunny to load.yeaaaaaaaaaaa
love u youtube!!hahaa..crazy liao^________^

baek jiyoung & taec performed 2PM's I hate you just now.and it's cool..sounds disco-ish(:
she looks so sexyy but still,
not as sexyyy as my taec ;)

Wednesday, August 26

Dirty eyed girls MV!!

OMG after weeks of waiting.. their 'abracadabra' parody vid is here!!and omg,I can't stop laughing!xD
gosh,from wooyounggie's hair to maknae chansung's SEXY solo dance to jo kwon ass shake like it nvr did before!
2AM & 2PM guys will nvr let hottest or even any fangirl down(:
just watch & make ur ass fall off LOL xD

Sunday, August 23

Ramadhan yea~!

lala heyy

it's the fasting season.and that means no food; water & all those stuff that can make us feel better.heee~

I'm at my grandma's house in kuala kangsar,Perak. 2 of my cuzzies are here so I won't be geeting bored that easily!xD it's a pity that they are both of the dudes are not the same age as me :(
gonna go back to Subang at tuesday morningmorning I think..

I just found out that 2PM & SHINee were on 'idol army',totally late-.-"
anyways,it was awesomeeee!! I love nickhun & taemin.they really looked like a totally attractive gay couple! I was like OMOMOMOMO when I saw them,winking at each far,the best ep yet.coz I'm not done watching them yet..HAHAA

Key was so adorablee when Junsu didn't picked him at 3:40..hahaa
and,and watch Nickhunnie's & taemin's omg-did-u-just-melt-my-heart wink!! and it did melt my heart hahaa
stop at 8:00 mins & enjoyy(:

--going to sleep hungry to write lehh lolss

Thursday, August 20


I've been really really bored lately.I mean life without school is..
totally damn,damn bored weiyh-.-

so all I've done at home is the usual chores & watching wild bunny & some tv shows.
like just now,was bored outta my mind,decided to watch a malay movie 'sepet'--again.
and gosh,did I enjoyed it!I guess I didn't understand it the first time I got it just hard it is for a malay girl to be with a chinese hard it is for the world to see everyone the same way.shame. totally.I can totally relate to the story.a malay girl,who hates is not into malays that much.
but loves chinese,japanese & all those 'sepet people'.then the girl,eventually fell for one.hahaa..sounds so familiar lah!everyday like that one xD
it's like,soo open.the movie I mean..hope people understand it tho.
hope to see more malay+chinese together lehh..ok malaysia??!!hahaa(:
but I did cry in the bro was like, O.o "y r u cyring?"
hahaa..I do get emotional with this kinda koizora.
y does the cute guys always die first??!!haiyohh..

anyways yeaa..
Yasmin Ahmad is a great story teller.she will always be in our hearts. So thanks & may you rest in

**ps; 'sepet' means slit-eyed chinese,korean,japanese..mostly asians laa.malays are not generally sepet but I am.
so people tend to think that I am chinese or korean or etc
well, I like ppl calling me that compared to ppl calling me a malay actually..
so dun worry bout hurting my feelings or anything.
if u actually care,that is HAHAA


hey hi u!!

I'm abit hyperr since I've been watching a lot of wild bunny lately..over & over again weeee~!!
totally love 2PM!! and plus, with the 'dirty eyed girls' ep coming up next week..
they're seriously gonna rule the world one fangirl at a time!muahahaa xD ;

and ep 5 was epic.chansung,taec & wooyounggie (without jokwon & seulong) bumped into ms 'shakey',chayeon.gosh,she was pretty..anyways,it was so hillarious!like,chansung tried to hide but didn't work & stuff.taec with his 'omg,she's-an-angel' kinda face and my wooyoung was sooo cute<33.he made a really freaky scared face.hahaa.he got some chubby cheeks yo!ngee~:D
seriously can't wait for the next ep.ahhh.the thought of waiting for another week to watch it makes me so..arghh!

Tuesday, August 18

180809 idea for the title liao-.-

anyways,I'm back~hehee
I went to school today *gasp coz Annantha called my dad yesterday night(how dare he!) and asked me to come & do my ag & bm papers.and just when I thought I didn't have to do I met with they all la..
they were like "u got h1n1 ar"
I was like,"omg how did u know?" *jokingly duhh..

sat in the teacher's lounge all the teachers know me they didn't know me before xD

so tired now..need to go to airport later to send my mom.she's going to kota bharu..I think la hee~
ohhh..just to remind u that it's


and he just dropped his very first album which is so totally ah-mazingg!!although I haven't fully listen to the album yet xD just get a taste of the album from his heartbreaker's MV it'll rock ur socks off(:

I love his fluffy & totally fun-kinda colour ;]

deep voice = so sexyyy

hey hi(:

yea,I've changed my layout,again.and a new banner to make it more 2PM-ish lol..
I did a great job huh?heee~

anyways,did I told u that I am totally addicted to Baek jiyoung's latest song 'my candy ears'?
guess not.ohh,ohh.did I told u that it features 2PM's beast,taec? *fangirl scream*
yea,omg..his voice is oh-so deep!and u know how much I fall for guys with deep voice.
well,example..there's shige-husky-hot-voice,TOP-ohmygod-hotness-much and now,
taec the latest-deep-voice-hotness in my collection *evil-ly laughs muahaha!*
he also sing with another noona(old woman) Bada.but I dun really wanna talk bout her.
nothing special maa hahaa

so yeahh..I totally love baek's songs since she made
'cheongmajeun geotcheorom'--just like being was my break-up song,mind u.ngee~xD
so this song 'my ears candy' is like totally's more club-bish..listen for urself(:

Sunday, August 16


2PM's performance on inkigayo was so so awesome!
my Junsu pulled it off eventhough he was wearing a mask--coz of his recent operation.
[[Get well soon Junsu!

so anyways, they performed 4 hothot hits from the past..

the first song was 'You In Fantasy' ( by JYP) being performed by Jaebom,Junsu & wooyoung-niee^^ it's..epic.they look sorta young..and me love it!hahaa
the 2nd song was like "whoa!" for me.coz taec,Junho,chansung & nickhunnie looked uberly sexxxyy in black.and the song was even sexy to match's call 'kiss' by I forgot who la._.

and omygod!it was so cuuuuteeeee when nickhunnie,wooyoung-niee,Junho & jaebom sang 'forever love' it was like,watching the wild bunnies turn good in their white-as-snow outfits!
but pfftt.I'm not complaining xD I love the song.ngee~
Junho was really Rain-nish when he performed 'bad guy'(by Rain) with the guys--not including my Junsu ;( and omygodd #2 they look hot!I love wooyoung!he look soo..bad!hahaa


2PM strikes again hottests ;) I dun even know if I can really go to sleep now after watching their performances lolss
--well,they are a few other performances I enjoyed like Kara's again & again lol xD


hey hi(:

tired liao lehh..I slept a lot today.but we did went grocery shopping in bangsar yesterday which was okay..except for the hothot sun that was like on top of my head._. ate at yet,another japanese restaurant with philipinos waitresses.kinda weird la.the restaurant is call 'kuriya restaurant' or something.the family beside us were so loud. I couldn't even eat

I heard MTV world stage was da bomb.I dun regret that I didn't go tho.coz I rather save my money to watch 2PM or maybe Big Bang live in that would be totally u guys better get ur butts down here!!

and omg, wild bunny is sooo LMAOOOOO!!
I watched ep 4 yesterday and I kept on laughing & laughing.although it was like 11pm++ but I didn't care pffftt..
I love Jaebum!he is damn funny weiyhhh..seriously,when he hit taec again & god,LMAOOOO much?? like,with his uberly sexy smile & funny witts.he drives hottest crazyyy.especially in part 3;watch it & u'll know wat I mean :D

ps: but I still love Junsu,wooyoung,junho,nickhun-nie,chansung & taec--everyone lah!!
not just Jaebum I mean..HAHAA xD

Friday, August 14

boredom just passed by me

answer the following questions lol

what was the last book you've read?
my geog textbook I guess._.

what was the last movie you watched?
Juno,love it<3

when the last time you sang jingle bells?
haha,in the shower just now xP

what kind of music do you listen to?
mostly pop,dance,emo rock and some technosss

if you got to be the age you are in any year what year would it be?
last year..oh wait,ehmm..dunno

whats your name?
Iman,u got a problem with that,betch?xD

do you like marshmellows?
totally!with chocolate syrup yumm*droolsdrools

whats something that pisses you off?
well..maybe when I dun have enough sleep.I'm not really sure tho

how do you spell doughnuts/donuts?
donuts duhh..the shorter the better :D

do you have a cat?
I love cats!but I'm allergic to them ;(

how many more days until school starts?
less than 24 hours but I ain't going HAHA

where are you?
I dun really front of the computer I guess

do you have any current cuts or bruises?
yea,a few.

whens the last time you went to the beach?
in may?

who's the last friend you saw?
dylan,at school yesterday lolss

what was your first favourite band?
I's between the backstreet boys,blue and sugar ray..(:

are you chewing gum right now?
no,I can't but I seriously want to..ngee

it's kinda late but still..

2PM + SHINee + Mc Mong performs SNSD's Genie (090809)

all I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

where should I start?
wooyoung looks ackwardly cute with the pink bow (:
the worst dresser title still belongs to taecyeon,with the epic-ly short SHORTS
taemin seriously looks like a 15 year-old school girl xD
key,blonde hottie who tries really hard to look non-girly but he failed lol.
and Mc Mong who seems to be the only man in the bunch, stands his grounds without putting on the pink bow

all in all,an awesome performance :D

btw,I didn't go to school today.and not gonna till futher notice.
but dun worry I dun have h1n1 or anything.heee~8)

Thursday, August 13

wat's ur name,little kitty?

hey o: I need a hug!!

4 remaining classes were *gasp jabbed today and mygod,does it hurt!during the injection was fun but the after affect is like "dude,where's my arm?" hurts a lot for me coz after my turn,it was my friend,N's turn.after she was done,she was like right beside me and suddenly grabbed my left-hand(which was the injection hand) and was like,squeezing it._. I immediately squealed and kicked her legs to let go of her classmates--outside were like O.o wtf? the teacher asked "y did u kicked N?" so me with my about-to-cry face answered "she squeezed my arm la teacher"

and everyone was like "y did u squeezed Iman's arm?" N just said "err..sorry Iman!sorry sorry sorry sorry!"-- kinda like Suju's song HAHA anyways, the girls was like "u ok?" the guys just looked on coz they tot I was crying which I totally was not.I was holding back my arm just felt like it was like a when she squezeed it,more blood came felt like it was gonna explode or something.hahaa

Icha got it worse.she cried.coz she was sick.poor thing.they said it was gonna last for 3 days,the pain I mean.I was like,O.o "3 days ar?cannot any less ma?" coz he,my chinese form 2 junior said back "canot ar" and,wat's so funny?

when I was on the way to class,I met some 3G guys who I am very familiar with.they stopped & asked me "nice ar,the pain?" I was like "noooo" so they tried to punch it, brain of the guys came close seriosly wanted to punch me on my arm.I wanted to run away but I can't. so this other dude came & 'rescue' me.he said something in chinese to the 1st dude & beat him up HAHAA and said to me "be strong ar,not sakit la.."ngee~sweet dude..

so I entered we & icha & N (who's still so guilty) are like,sitting in a group with the chinese dudes of our class..which means that it's totally fun..they talk a lot of,comparing who's stronger..who can play Dota better.but they study too which is kinda weird xD

ps:Nickhun-nie looks sooo ahh-dorable in his mv 'let's take a break'!!♥ himm

Tuesday, August 11

ur ok..but I'm bettah ;)

18 packs of Jaebom's hot,hot abs ;o

I rest my case lol xD

fuh~anyways yo.

I'm on a wild bunny marathon :) I LOVE 2PM!! I'm like watching the show non-stop on youtube coz I missed 2 eps d ._. and me like it!hehe..go watch it!xD

an oh-kay weekend.we went to subang parade for dinner & shopping.I ate kari-rice at sushi was totally nice(: better then the one I ate at sakae's a nice mix of curry & well..rice.and some other stuff--that I dunno hahaa.not too much and definately not too little.hee~

school was a heck of poop!


yesterday was our last day of exam..I slept 3 times coz the first paper was chinese paper 2 and I dun take it thank u very much.second paper was chinese paper 1..and the last paper was khb which was ok-ok lahh..collin,who was sitting beside me for the exam also didn't come last thurs & fri..and one of his friends,JR was like,"ohh..u two go where arr" *raise eyebrows* the geng make'woo-ing' sound. I was speechless so Collin said "we went to africa.coz sick maa.." lolss xD we got anywhere and u picked africa(??)ahahaa..

had a talk with the form 3's cutest guy *coughcoughewww*--lyan, who's also my bestie's was after school at the taman,in front of the school.his 'fans' gave me a sharp look coz I'm like closeclose to there we were,talking bout random on-going stuff when I felt a "ughh.." feeling towards I looked to my side.there was like 5/6 girls--in a group looking at us.I was like o__O there was like, a guy trying to get their attention but still,they kept on looking at scary lehh..!so I was like,scared d.I said to him "okla,later ke we talk key?byee" and left.hahaa


didn't learn a thing god,damn bored,I got only 5 subjects today..only 1 teacher came into the class..fortunately,I went out of class after recess to do the papers I've missed--coz I'm such a good girl x.x anyways,did sejarah and science paper2 with collin just now.I'm going to do sc paper 1 & bm tomoro..haihh and just when I tot I could skip..

after I did the papers,I had around 20 mins before balik I didn't go to class.instead,I lepak at the 3G's class..beside me.the annoying-dunno-wat-teacher is replacing my geog teacher coz she's sick or's like,a freaky animal free show in there!hahaa..I mean,seriously.guys jumping everywhere.girls are all flocked up into a group--malay & chinese diff lehh-.-" when their maths teacher,atiqah & some guys fled the class.HAHAA

we went outside.talked & stuff..a pair of cute guys & their companion were like,so niceee..hee~respect.yea,that's the word.but they were teasing,they made a rumour of me liking one of the bros.I was like *disgusted face* "ewww..wateff" I got my share of twins a long time d..and it was hard to handle weiyh HAHAA

&& y do this post look so long?-.-" and I made u read this? wow I'm

Saturday, August 8 did break


I made a twitter account just now. Just bcoz I was bored*ehem*
fine,bcoz I found out that Junho from 2PM just updated hi acc(: hahaa
I was waiting for it since Nickhun updated his page on may lol xD
they left it empty since they signed up..haihh..oh,and by 'they' I mean the 2PM guys

so here's the link;
make one urself too kay?:]
and yes,I'm still sticking with my nickname..I love it!'naminami' sounds just

I did my nails O.o wat are u guys thinking?hahaa
nah..*coughcough* I meant by 'did'--I shape it,polish it..and coloured,I put purple-ish red & blue-- alternately on my fingers.and just brown for my toe nails.gotta say,I did a pretty nice job 8D it looks effing cute + sexy at the same time xD ahahaa

I'm so addicted to Brown Eyed Girls rite now..they're like,awesome..I've been wasting time downloading their songs since afternoon--coz I woke up at like 10 or something.coz I slept at like 1 am.I couldn't sleep..a freakin cat behind our house was like "miaww miawww rawwr!"
and my room is like,just upstairs.shishh..I hope it died.HAHA,mean!o_o

it's 8th of August. PMR is so near it's freakin me out to do nothing.watdafak. Iman!but yet,I'm still here.
I totally miss 2008..oh wait..I miss the early-days of 2009.yea..that were the days..not that much pressure bout PMR.staring at the white board of nothingness was okay..suju & 2PM's comeback fever.the feeling of meeting interesting but fun dudes everywhere..ahhh~I miss those stuff!

oh well,time moves is how it is I guess..just enjoy it(:

Friday, August 7

watever it is..

I'm back~and now I know wat I'm suppose to write.I think..
so a lot of things had happen to me in the past's a few to sum things up:
  • I got's so epic-ly stylish :D
  • a new haircut--and no people,I didn't go to the saloon to perm it or anything
  • I didn't do my agama,malay,science & sejarah exam *sniffsniff*winkwink heee
  • caught up with my old friends--which is such an accomplishment :)
  • got yucky medicine,twice.
  • and got myself addicted to this watch it & please,knock urself out(:
Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra

warning:the content of the MV is inappropriate for children under the age of 12.thank you for watching:)

I gotta say.I dun really look that bad with braces.I look..kinda normal.nothing like a nerd,or a muscle mouth kid.just normal :D maybe it's bcoz of the colours.which I pick pink for the upper one..and a colour that looks like purple but lighter for the bottom part.coz well,my fav colour is purple(:
but I can't really eat like,for the past 2 weeks all I've been pushing down my throat is porridge,kuey teow sup..chicken sup and yeah,more porridge.which I totally dun mind coz I wasn't a big of fan of eating bigbig meals anyway.and so,the result?I lost 3lbs.just like huh?so go get braces!if u wanna loose weight..hahaa

p.s I posted this on 12:34:56 on 7.8.09. know wat that means?it means I totally have nothing better to do lol chiowss(:

abracadabra I'm back(:

hey hey hi hi^^

fuhh~nearly one month.nearly.and I got lots to blog about..
lol I think I forgot how to use this thing ahaha xD

well,maybe some people dun realize that I'm suppose to be at school now
*coughcough looks away*
but I got the fluuuuuuu,again.and we got a science test today.ahaha!
and I studied too..tough luck._.
I'm like,having flu every week now..I missed my b. melayu exam.and now,science..??
wat's up with that?
but I did managed to do english,geog & math..and seni---which doesn't count.
only 2 days of school this week*tsktsk
maybe it's bcoz of the haze..I sat beside the back door during the exam and like,Collin--who's sitting beside me during exam was like @.@""" and the girl who's sitting beside him was also like =.="""" sick much?
our fav teacher,annantha was outta school too.haihhh..
sick,sick everywhere huh..well,are u sick?if u are,we can have a 'sick-knock-out party' or'll be awesome:) HAHAA

oh,and our school--SMK USJ13's carnival is moved to another date coz of health issues..pitypity..and the date is still undecided..they say it's bcoz of a form 1 student got the H1N1. It is yet to be confirmed..Imma think it's true anyways lol
update later,I forgot wat else I wanted to write -.-" ngee~