Wednesday, July 1

such a hot,hot dayy ain't it?-.-

Well I'm not at tuition.are u?lol
So my school showed a couple of videos.stupid videos like,'how to wash our hands'..'how to wear a mask'..coz they're getting worried bout the H1N1 stuff :O haihh..I was like,"play the sex-ed video!"HAHA,HAM SAP!

I notice there's more and more couples nowadays."Horray!" for that I,no feeling.I mean,the class' gengster got a cutecute gf.stupid girl.she's in trouble..ehmm..and the class' shyshy girl is still with one of the hothot twin.that's ok,coz the other hothot twin is still single*winkwink(HAHA,I'm like typing everything twice xD) while me,'s been 3 weeks kot now..I'm ok,maybe..hehee..I dunwan nobody,nobody but ehmm..ahhh..who r we talking bout again?that's rite..Key!heee~

oh,yeahh..on Sunday nite..I ironed my bro's,iron lah..make it,I did such a good job.well,I am the pro that I can burn my own hand..I mean,who else can do that?HAHA..So,my bro's hair was like,20% straight(coz his head was like a rock dammit!)I did my best tho:D he did like it.hee~but the next day when he came back from school..I looked at him like usually je..he asked"ok anot?"I mcm "ok la..y?"he:"tadi I washed my hair"HAHAA..omgahhhh..u were not suppose to do that!he pun O.o..I was totally mad that I spended around 30 mins+ishh..but still,it's kinda funny when u think bout it.hahaa xD

School was like duhh today..same old,same old.then got motivational talk from kancil..haihhzz..but nice ar,our class won 3 hampers from the 'cabutan bertuah' I was like,omEffingahh..dude!y are we so lucky?maybe it's a sign..ehmm..anyways,Wai Mun,Sven Shuan & Farah were the winners.yeyey!"I want some!" but the teachers were really cruel..they didn't let us open the hampers in our freakin' class..dangg..bummer.So I didn't get anything coz who wants to walk with a hamper around school ar?hehee..

they also showed us this video where a lion trying to catch a zebra..but the zebra was kinda scaryy..the fight coz there's this onr part when they're both in the lake..on top of each wat I mean?hee~and the funny thing was,the guy suddenly stopped the video & said "dun get any funny ideas ar" HAHAA..I was like,
"I already did!"xD

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