Thursday, July 9

Sick & tired

hell O

I'm sick.didn't go to freakin tonsils are swollen..and my bday is this saturday..
oh well,I knew I wouldn't have any fun on my bday
yesterday was bad enough coz I had gastric..and now..shishh

did u hear?
the stupid malays that are 'ruling' our contry decided to change the english-using subject
(as in maths & science) back to the malay language.
my god.they're fuckin stupid.I mean,fuck..
my dad said "Wat's so good about malay?" I totally agree..I mean,fuck them weiyhh..
freakin hell won't work without english.stupid.
they're saying it would begin on 2012--when I'm out of school--
but for my bro..who's better in english than me,will have to,for all these years learning in english?WAT THE FUCK?!
ishh..stupid ah.and they say it's a 'popular decision'..yeah rite 'popular decision' my ass damn it.
I'm freakin mad.even in english,my marks are not that high.but in malay?
wow..I'll be dead while doing the exam.
the doctor was talking bout this with my dad just now..
he was like so frust.he was like,"malaysians won't develop witout english"
it'll be better if they change the english subjects to mandarin.I mean seriously.
mandarin language are sooooo mush useful than the malay language.
which other countries uses malay?other than indonesia..tell me..
is it worth it,malaysia?oh-so stupid malaysian government??NO.
haihh..I'm so stressed-out noww.fuck.

ok,I'm done ranting..I think..going to watch 'I'm a celebrity,get me out of here!' lolss..u schould watch's like stupid + funny +a waste of time but-for-charity kinda thing :D

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