Sunday, July 5

Pinkies-Go-Green :D

('pinkies' is the name of their form1 class..yeah,form1)

had an awesome party yesterday^^ yes,at the Holiday Villa in Subang Jaya lahh..lots of unties I didn't recognize tho.lolss..but still,Fun.I got a bday present from untie Yan--thank you auntie!(: so mummy booked this private room in the 'corriander room' which was cool coz they put the decorations in pink & green.and everyone came dressing in green outfits.well,except for the,Juju,my bro & Ajim--I wore a pink dress with white gladiators and my purple cotact lenses(:..well I am the associated member^_^heee~
the unties call my outfit 'pretty' while Yan said it was 'sexy'.HAHAA
We had a blast..the food was ah-mazing.especially the brownies..walau..felt like eating more & more ah..and we had a cute waiter taking care of the room..we call him 'abg faiz'heee~

abg faiz,Yan(bro),me
adik-bradik ek?


tu kakak?(I was sms-ing someone behind Yan)
tapi dia nmpk lagi tua kan?


so then me,yan & ajim played hide & seek..HAHAA at luar one maa..abg faiz was there,tgk jee..I was like,"abg Faiz xnk join?" he was like,"xpe xpe" HAHAA lolss xD Juju even get to sleep..hahaa
all in all,good time..lots of pics considering Yan & Ajim were the 'photographers''s some;

yumm~dessert! haha

me & my cuzzie,Juju(:

me,yan & Ajim--horny faces!xD

us again :D

some of the unties..there were like,15 of I couldn't possibly upload all the pics..!hehe

p.s yesterday was mummy's bday Happy birthday mummy!!

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