Saturday, July 11

My birthday :D

Happy happy birthday to me~!hahaa
I am 15 years young old..
but I'm still sick..screw this flu!=.="
so I'm not having a party or anything..I rather be alone on my bday

"oh crap..there she goes again..emo Iman"

HAHAA..kidding..I'm having fun farr:)
coz I'm sick so I dun have to do anything--my bro is doing the chores & stuff..
which is awesome..heee~
maybe going out later..dunno dad said "it depends on Iman"
so yeahh..I decide wat'll happen next **in a freaky ai enma tone xD

I do share bday with a few people--mostly friends tho ;(
anyways one of them is shige--->
he's soooo freakin gorgeous!
don't u think so?
and I share the same bday as him..hahaa
now, that's fate xD
ohh..his full name is shigeaki kato from jpop band NEWS..if u wanna check him out..
but this dude is mine ;P

hahaa,obsses much?totally.

people kept asking me wat I wan for my bday..
but I just said "nothing"
so they were like "tell laaaa"
I said "I dun wan anything"
which is weird..coz I always want something..ahaha..
but when my dad asked I said "Ipod can?"
he was like,"maybe"
so I changed my mind..I wanted a pair of headphones--to blast my music..he was like "okayy"
this morning I said "nvmlahh..mp3 can?"HAHAA..I'm weird..I got an mp3 in my phone d..but dunno..dun wanna clash my music with the use of the,my phone like sohai..keep on 2 times in a row!my god..that's sadd final wish before I die(lol,kidding!) is I want an mp3..I'll update on that later coz Imma go check some*ehem mychonny* vids on youtube..

oh,yeahh..thanx to everyone that has wished me 'happy bday' u know who u are & I forgot some of u anyways x] thanx soo u guys

(just hope that I can remember ur bday haha)

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