Sunday, July 12

"Messy is sooo sexy"she said

awesomely messy xD

It's still my bday(: in friend is there so like,we're still celebrating :D

I've's that time of year again..breaking hearts season.
yes,it's in the air..people are breaking up fast..and just when u thought there are so many new couples..but nehh,fake lehh..haha
I mean,my bestie just broke up with my other bestie. And no,they're not lesbians..they're in boy + girl. and my enemy broke it off with her hothot senior(muahahaha! in yo face! xD)

but seriously will come again..maybe end of the year till early year..
dun give up..time will pass *snaps* just like that..and I know this coz I've been through it..a lot.but I just wish that time moves faster for me xD
so strong!

It's also the eating are everywhere nowadays!
and puasa is coming better,eat muchmuch lehh..hahaa

**puasa is like,no food/water for a day for muslims only 8)

but the most annoying season has gotta be the exam season..OMGahhhhhh
dude!!I'm not readyy..can u like,not make exams??
ahhh...guess not.oh well,study hard!
that reminds me..yesterday,one of my friend sent a bday sms..which goes something like this;
"Happy birthday Iman!!hope not to late(yeahh was only 12.02 am pfftt..anyways)
she wrote this line as big as her head--
"LOVE STUDY BEFORE LOVE SOMEBODY" nicee..well,it's too late sista!lolss

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