Monday, July 6

make me smile?:)


Cheer09 ended with victory for the blitzerz(wat kinda name is that??)I was hoping the vulcanz would win coz they are the nearest school--that has a cheerleading squad--other than S.U who are totally lan si!HAHAA..but's the winners

Champion: Blitzerz!!(381.2)
1st runner up: Shirtliff!!(341.7)
2nd runner up: Calyx!!(341.1)
4th place: Titans!!(339.0)
5th place: Dynamitez!!(333.4)
6th place: Pirates!!(325.6)
7. Vulcanz Boyz!!(319.8)
9. Vulcanz Girls!!(289.1)
10. Stompers!!(286.3)

Best Newcomers: WARRIORZ!!
Best Merits: Vulcanz Girls!!(:
Best Dress: Calyx!!
Best Makeups: 1st-Blazerz!!
3rd- Blitzerz!!
Best Supporters: Blitzerz!!
Marigold HL award: Pirates boys!!
Best teacher: A teacher from Muriel!!

wel,at least vulcanz girlz won something but I dunno wat for in 'best merits' is for wat ar?-.-"
and lots of freakin weird names!like,I got headache from remembering those names!
so..err..I'm goin to cheer10 next year..yeah!
(speechless d :X)

anyways,school was ok lah.not ok,just ok lah..which is not actually ok..lolsss xD
I'm bored,dun u know?HAHA
I nearly get scolded with rozaimi just now..coz I was like,resting my eyes while she stops talking bout the work & suddenly "Iman!bangun,duduk betul-betul!jangan tido!"
I was like,"err?haaa..ok"--sleepy lol..damn scared,everyone was looking with scary faces..
I just smiled..weee~
but yeahh,I continued sleeping in geog class--no teacher maa!
nvm,tonite I'll sleep earlier

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