Friday, July 3

Just Go With The Flow.

hi hi^^just got back from victoria station..again xD we went there coz Aliff(my cousin)is going back to sarawak tomoro--he studies there,so yeahh..had a lot of funn..I sat near the mirror~coz I'm too vain,yeah u noe d rite?xP ajim sat beside me while yan & aliff sat besidebeside ah.the grown-ups were on the other side.but there was no one in front of me ;(
err..I ate salmon,which was nice and lychee sundae for dessert(: damn full weiyh..hahaa..we were like,eateateat until forget bout the world d..heee~


yea,it's tomoro & sunday..I wanna go!!but my dad is like,"dun nid la
h"..I mcm ;(((
ahhh..the reason I wanna go is bcoz there's gonna be a lot of bishies
there la*winkwink..hehee..maybe I can catch it on 8tv..but oh well..wat to do?me,my bro & ajim always say "jangan bagi papa marah" in a pondan-nish kinda

Open Day is tomoro!and my mom's bday..ohh,and the party!!my god,there's lots of things going on..ishh..tired liao lehh..had to cancel my piano class so that my dad can meet Annantha(class teacher) but I call him "uncle Annantha" HAHAA..mean!


it's been 1 week since the death of Michael Jackson.I didn't post anything bout it tho coz I was hoping that maybe he didn't actually died..u noe?like..a something would happen.but yeahh,one week is enough to say "there ain't gonna be a miracle for this dude"..I'm sadd..sadsad until duno ah..dun really know y also..hope he rest in peace.The world will never forget The King Of Pop,Michael Jackson.

p.s I just realized that I've been blogging everyday now..addicted much?hehee..and PMR is coming soon?haihhzz,stupid internet make me addicted xD

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