Tuesday, July 7

I'm a strong baby;D

hey sexyyyy
*crackcrackcrackcrack* hahaa seung ri oppa~!
watch him here if u wan

I was like omgahhh when the principal--robiah--annouced that we're gonna do a carnival somethingsomething for the first time.first time?dude!that's loww..I just laughed..pity school.now only wanna do..u guys no money d ar?HAHAA xD

so yeahh..first time carnival..I'm sure it's not gonna be that awesome tho.
like the freakin pricipal dun wanna do a haunted house coz blahblah(I dun really know y)
I mean,wat's a carnival without a haunted house?I'll tell you,it's call a freakin lame one.

every class needs to sell something..robiah said 'anything' from foods to clothes to services..
me & Icha were like "*winkwink..services?" she asked "wanna do a free show?"
I was like,"hell yeahh!!"HAHAA
(sorry if u guys dun get it..it's crap talk lol try to understand yeah?)

anyways,when we entered the class..they gave us letters to give to our parents..
as I thought,they were asking for money.but in a polite way tho..they called it 'donation' lolss
for new computers..donation my ass lah
I was like "we're not even gonna use it..it'll die the second it'll arrive"
which is true.look at our school.the student will probably hit someone with the computers ..heee~

obviously there were so many ideas about wat we should do for the carnival..the girls wanted to make a haunted house(which we couldn't)
the malay guys wanted 'casino' with hookers & stuff..lolss..crap
the chinese guys didn't say anything..they wouldn't even bother thinking of something(rock on!!)
and Annantha(class teacher)wanted to make a roti canai stall..by hiring someone else to do it..me & icha will b sticking to our 'free show' plan :D

ehmm..we can click nowadays..dunno wat happened.but still,not that close la..it's hard maa..ngeee

the carnival will be on 1st of August(satuday) from morning till not morning anymore lol xP

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