Friday, July 10

surveyyyysurveyyy meh :D

I got tagged.never knew people can tag other people through emails now..HAHA--thanx for that xP


- Available: idkk

- Age: 15 tomoro(:

- Annoyance: no one,that u know xD

- Animal: cats but I'm allergic to them lol


- Beer: maybe later?nah,just kidding

- Birthday: 11th July

- Body Part on opposite sex: ehmm..hard one..lips..??wait,eyes!orr..duno ah

- Best feeling in the world: love? ideaaa

- Blind or Deaf: err..none?

- Best weather: winter..malaysia, make some snow!hahaa

- Been in Love: yeahh

- Been on stage : yep

- Believe in Magic: kindaa

- Believe in Santa: yeahh..he's coming ove again this year!lols xP


- Candy: chewy candies

- Color: red,black,purple!

- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate

- Chinese/Mexican Food: chinese laaa

- Cake or pie: cake or pie..can't decide lehh

- Continent to visit: no rocks!!

- Cheese: fattening but totally nice xD


- Day or Night: night!!

- Dancing in the rain: hahaa ,done that before xP


- Eyes: black

- Everyone's got: money..??

- Ever failed a class?: yeah..who haven't??


- First thoughts waking up: music,please!

- Food: something nice like sushi or..chocolatess..??


- Greatest Fear: freaky-crawly-bugs & snakes

- Goals: to be successful lorhh

- Gum: everyday must have!

- Get along with your parents?: yeah..u?


- Hair Color: black

- Height: around 161 cm..160?duno

- Happy: now?not really larr

- Holiday: somewhere that's full of ppl I dunno

- How do you want to die: natural death,in my sleep lah


- Ice Cream: baskin robbins heee~

- Instrument: piano & drums*rock on!!


- Job: now student only lehh


- Kids: as many as possible,someday lolsss xD

- Kickboxing or karate: karate*haiyahhhh

- Keep a journal?: yeahh..


- Love: is pain..haha

- Letter: emails better lahh~

- Laughed so hard you cried: every feakin day..the class is full of jokers.HAHAA

- Milk flavor: chocolate & strawberry

- Movies: too many

- Motion sickness?: idkkk

- McD’s or BK: Mcd weiyh!!


- Number: 7 & 11 lol


- One wish: 100 more wishes please!


- Perfect Pizza: err..with pineapples?

- Part of your appearance you like best?: eyes

- Pepsi/Coke: coke pwns pepsi!


- Quote: no music,no life u die.

- Quick or Slow: quick is better depends on the situation


- Reason to cry: eveything

- Reality T.V. : gag concert, guess guess guess, & golden star bell challenge + manymany ah

- Radio Station: fly fm & hitz(:

- Roll your tongue in a circle: wanna see?

- Ring size: between 6-8..go buy me!


- Song: now listening to 2PM- I hate you xD

- Shoe size: 6/7

- Salad Dressing: thousand island

- Sushi: love ittttt

- Skinny dipped?: haha,'s stupid xP

- In the shower: 7 mins..??

- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries!


- Tattoos? : ugly for the body.

- Time for bed: whenver I feel sleepy..sometimes 10 pm..sometimes 12 am lehh

- Thunderstorms: are scaryy


- Unpredictable: meh


- Vegetable you hate: maybe the one that has green leaves xD


- Weakness: alot..trying to get over them tho :D

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: one..everyone is different

- Who makes you laugh the most: maybe the 2 guys in my class that has the most annoying voices eva!wow,that's long HAHA

- Worst feeling: heartbreak.

- Wanted to be a model: nehh,not enough dough

- Worst Weather?: super hot or super cold


- X-Rays: are cool!


- Year it is now: 2009--PMR d O.o

- Yellow: too bright-.-


- Zoo animal: monkeys are totally cute!


1. Slept in a bed beside you?---> that ghost who's stalking me O.o

2. You went to the mall with?--->

3. You went to dinner with?---> family

4. You talked to on the phone?---> atiqah

5. Made you laugh?---> my bro

6. Hugged you?---> forgot d-.-"

7. Said they loved you?---> mum..maybeee

8. Held your hand?---> ehmmm..myself?lols

9. You spoke with?---> my broo..heee~

10.You cried over?---> nothing u should know about..hehee

and I tag anyone who's reading this;)

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