Thursday, July 2

Don't Call It 'Depress', Babe.

hey u
I found a pic of 2PM when they were so young, sexyy.It really made my day(: find more pics at allkpop.

I don't really recognize them=.="except for Jaebom & Junho :D

anyways,I dunno y I didn't go to school today.I felt really bad,like my head was spinning & I felt like puking,demam all those crap Is it bcoz of too much math yesterday? school? or maybe too much crying? yeahh,I do cry.watever it is,I feel better now..after eating lots & lots of panadol :D but still,not that hyperrrr

thank god,I didn't go to school.they said there was a 'spotcheck'.yeahh,teachers were checking nails & hair.and my nails..pfffttt..awesomely not short.HAHA..and I'm sure one of the teachers will call my hair 'long'.blind..good was raining no PJ la..I didn't miss much actually..I think..

I just sat at home and watched a creppy episode of 'ghost hunters' on star world.damn,it was,other episodes weren't that scary.ishh..I dun wanna talk bout it,it makes me scared..heee~and like,after that..I watched Michael Jackson's THS on 'E!' it was interesting.yes,that's the word..

I'm gonna go to tuiton today..wonder wat weird kids are gonna be there?lol..haha,coz every week there must be a new weird kid/weird stranger/totally weird teacher.HAHAA..ahhh..we got english today.I hate dislike the teacher actually.everyone does..his annoying-.- but hey,at least he can make us laugh..without him knowing bout it,tho.lolss xD

current song:Baby Come Back--Utada Hikaru
current mood:not like usual.

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