Monday, July 13

da rooster

hey,sorry for writing too muchh..neh,joking..! I love writing in this blog:)
just wanna say that I'm not gonna update this blog for like,a month or so
(that includes me being on the internet)
coz of exams & stuff..wish me luck ne;)
Good luck to u too..heee~

so from today I'll be on HIATUS until 15th of August(maybe)
and ohh..if u wanna reach me,just call my cell ay?

till then, byebye boo

Sunday, July 12

"Messy is sooo sexy"she said

awesomely messy xD

It's still my bday(: in friend is there so like,we're still celebrating :D

I've's that time of year again..breaking hearts season.
yes,it's in the air..people are breaking up fast..and just when u thought there are so many new couples..but nehh,fake lehh..haha
I mean,my bestie just broke up with my other bestie. And no,they're not lesbians..they're in boy + girl. and my enemy broke it off with her hothot senior(muahahaha! in yo face! xD)

but seriously will come again..maybe end of the year till early year..
dun give up..time will pass *snaps* just like that..and I know this coz I've been through it..a lot.but I just wish that time moves faster for me xD
so strong!

It's also the eating are everywhere nowadays!
and puasa is coming better,eat muchmuch lehh..hahaa

**puasa is like,no food/water for a day for muslims only 8)

but the most annoying season has gotta be the exam season..OMGahhhhhh
dude!!I'm not readyy..can u like,not make exams??
ahhh...guess not.oh well,study hard!
that reminds me..yesterday,one of my friend sent a bday sms..which goes something like this;
"Happy birthday Iman!!hope not to late(yeahh was only 12.02 am pfftt..anyways)
she wrote this line as big as her head--
"LOVE STUDY BEFORE LOVE SOMEBODY" nicee..well,it's too late sista!lolss

Saturday, July 11

Happy 22nd Birthday SHIGE~!!


My birthday :D

Happy happy birthday to me~!hahaa
I am 15 years young old..
but I'm still sick..screw this flu!=.="
so I'm not having a party or anything..I rather be alone on my bday

"oh crap..there she goes again..emo Iman"

HAHAA..kidding..I'm having fun farr:)
coz I'm sick so I dun have to do anything--my bro is doing the chores & stuff..
which is awesome..heee~
maybe going out later..dunno dad said "it depends on Iman"
so yeahh..I decide wat'll happen next **in a freaky ai enma tone xD

I do share bday with a few people--mostly friends tho ;(
anyways one of them is shige--->
he's soooo freakin gorgeous!
don't u think so?
and I share the same bday as him..hahaa
now, that's fate xD
ohh..his full name is shigeaki kato from jpop band NEWS..if u wanna check him out..
but this dude is mine ;P

hahaa,obsses much?totally.

people kept asking me wat I wan for my bday..
but I just said "nothing"
so they were like "tell laaaa"
I said "I dun wan anything"
which is weird..coz I always want something..ahaha..
but when my dad asked I said "Ipod can?"
he was like,"maybe"
so I changed my mind..I wanted a pair of headphones--to blast my music..he was like "okayy"
this morning I said "nvmlahh..mp3 can?"HAHAA..I'm weird..I got an mp3 in my phone d..but dunno..dun wanna clash my music with the use of the,my phone like sohai..keep on 2 times in a row!my god..that's sadd final wish before I die(lol,kidding!) is I want an mp3..I'll update on that later coz Imma go check some*ehem mychonny* vids on youtube..

oh,yeahh..thanx to everyone that has wished me 'happy bday' u know who u are & I forgot some of u anyways x] thanx soo u guys

(just hope that I can remember ur bday haha)

Friday, July 10

surveyyyysurveyyy meh :D

I got tagged.never knew people can tag other people through emails now..HAHA--thanx for that xP


- Available: idkk

- Age: 15 tomoro(:

- Annoyance: no one,that u know xD

- Animal: cats but I'm allergic to them lol


- Beer: maybe later?nah,just kidding

- Birthday: 11th July

- Body Part on opposite sex: ehmm..hard one..lips..??wait,eyes!orr..duno ah

- Best feeling in the world: love? ideaaa

- Blind or Deaf: err..none?

- Best weather: winter..malaysia, make some snow!hahaa

- Been in Love: yeahh

- Been on stage : yep

- Believe in Magic: kindaa

- Believe in Santa: yeahh..he's coming ove again this year!lols xP


- Candy: chewy candies

- Color: red,black,purple!

- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate

- Chinese/Mexican Food: chinese laaa

- Cake or pie: cake or pie..can't decide lehh

- Continent to visit: no rocks!!

- Cheese: fattening but totally nice xD


- Day or Night: night!!

- Dancing in the rain: hahaa ,done that before xP


- Eyes: black

- Everyone's got: money..??

- Ever failed a class?: yeah..who haven't??


- First thoughts waking up: music,please!

- Food: something nice like sushi or..chocolatess..??


- Greatest Fear: freaky-crawly-bugs & snakes

- Goals: to be successful lorhh

- Gum: everyday must have!

- Get along with your parents?: yeah..u?


- Hair Color: black

- Height: around 161 cm..160?duno

- Happy: now?not really larr

- Holiday: somewhere that's full of ppl I dunno

- How do you want to die: natural death,in my sleep lah


- Ice Cream: baskin robbins heee~

- Instrument: piano & drums*rock on!!


- Job: now student only lehh


- Kids: as many as possible,someday lolsss xD

- Kickboxing or karate: karate*haiyahhhh

- Keep a journal?: yeahh..


- Love: is pain..haha

- Letter: emails better lahh~

- Laughed so hard you cried: every feakin day..the class is full of jokers.HAHAA

- Milk flavor: chocolate & strawberry

- Movies: too many

- Motion sickness?: idkkk

- McD’s or BK: Mcd weiyh!!


- Number: 7 & 11 lol


- One wish: 100 more wishes please!


- Perfect Pizza: err..with pineapples?

- Part of your appearance you like best?: eyes

- Pepsi/Coke: coke pwns pepsi!


- Quote: no music,no life u die.

- Quick or Slow: quick is better depends on the situation


- Reason to cry: eveything

- Reality T.V. : gag concert, guess guess guess, & golden star bell challenge + manymany ah

- Radio Station: fly fm & hitz(:

- Roll your tongue in a circle: wanna see?

- Ring size: between 6-8..go buy me!


- Song: now listening to 2PM- I hate you xD

- Shoe size: 6/7

- Salad Dressing: thousand island

- Sushi: love ittttt

- Skinny dipped?: haha,'s stupid xP

- In the shower: 7 mins..??

- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries!


- Tattoos? : ugly for the body.

- Time for bed: whenver I feel sleepy..sometimes 10 pm..sometimes 12 am lehh

- Thunderstorms: are scaryy


- Unpredictable: meh


- Vegetable you hate: maybe the one that has green leaves xD


- Weakness: alot..trying to get over them tho :D

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: one..everyone is different

- Who makes you laugh the most: maybe the 2 guys in my class that has the most annoying voices eva!wow,that's long HAHA

- Worst feeling: heartbreak.

- Wanted to be a model: nehh,not enough dough

- Worst Weather?: super hot or super cold


- X-Rays: are cool!


- Year it is now: 2009--PMR d O.o

- Yellow: too bright-.-


- Zoo animal: monkeys are totally cute!


1. Slept in a bed beside you?---> that ghost who's stalking me O.o

2. You went to the mall with?--->

3. You went to dinner with?---> family

4. You talked to on the phone?---> atiqah

5. Made you laugh?---> my bro

6. Hugged you?---> forgot d-.-"

7. Said they loved you?---> mum..maybeee

8. Held your hand?---> ehmmm..myself?lols

9. You spoke with?---> my broo..heee~

10.You cried over?---> nothing u should know about..hehee

and I tag anyone who's reading this;)

Thursday, July 9

Sick & tired

hell O

I'm sick.didn't go to freakin tonsils are swollen..and my bday is this saturday..
oh well,I knew I wouldn't have any fun on my bday
yesterday was bad enough coz I had gastric..and now..shishh

did u hear?
the stupid malays that are 'ruling' our contry decided to change the english-using subject
(as in maths & science) back to the malay language.
my god.they're fuckin stupid.I mean,fuck..
my dad said "Wat's so good about malay?" I totally agree..I mean,fuck them weiyhh..
freakin hell won't work without english.stupid.
they're saying it would begin on 2012--when I'm out of school--
but for my bro..who's better in english than me,will have to,for all these years learning in english?WAT THE FUCK?!
ishh..stupid ah.and they say it's a 'popular decision'..yeah rite 'popular decision' my ass damn it.
I'm freakin mad.even in english,my marks are not that high.but in malay?
wow..I'll be dead while doing the exam.
the doctor was talking bout this with my dad just now..
he was like so frust.he was like,"malaysians won't develop witout english"
it'll be better if they change the english subjects to mandarin.I mean seriously.
mandarin language are sooooo mush useful than the malay language.
which other countries uses malay?other than indonesia..tell me..
is it worth it,malaysia?oh-so stupid malaysian government??NO.
haihh..I'm so stressed-out noww.fuck.

ok,I'm done ranting..I think..going to watch 'I'm a celebrity,get me out of here!' lolss..u schould watch's like stupid + funny +a waste of time but-for-charity kinda thing :D

Tuesday, July 7

I'm a strong baby;D

hey sexyyyy
*crackcrackcrackcrack* hahaa seung ri oppa~!
watch him here if u wan

I was like omgahhh when the principal--robiah--annouced that we're gonna do a carnival somethingsomething for the first time.first time?dude!that's loww..I just laughed..pity only wanna do..u guys no money d ar?HAHAA xD

so yeahh..first time carnival..I'm sure it's not gonna be that awesome tho.
like the freakin pricipal dun wanna do a haunted house coz blahblah(I dun really know y)
I mean,wat's a carnival without a haunted house?I'll tell you,it's call a freakin lame one.

every class needs to sell something..robiah said 'anything' from foods to clothes to services..
me & Icha were like "*" she asked "wanna do a free show?"
I was like,"hell yeahh!!"HAHAA
(sorry if u guys dun get's crap talk lol try to understand yeah?)

anyways,when we entered the class..they gave us letters to give to our parents..
as I thought,they were asking for money.but in a polite way tho..they called it 'donation' lolss
for new computers..donation my ass lah
I was like "we're not even gonna use'll die the second it'll arrive"
which is true.look at our school.the student will probably hit someone with the computers ..heee~

obviously there were so many ideas about wat we should do for the carnival..the girls wanted to make a haunted house(which we couldn't)
the malay guys wanted 'casino' with hookers & stuff..lolss..crap
the chinese guys didn't say anything..they wouldn't even bother thinking of something(rock on!!)
and Annantha(class teacher)wanted to make a roti canai hiring someone else to do & icha will b sticking to our 'free show' plan :D

ehmm..we can click nowadays..dunno wat happened.but still,not that close's hard maa..ngeee

the carnival will be on 1st of August(satuday) from morning till not morning anymore lol xP

Monday, July 6

make me smile?:)


Cheer09 ended with victory for the blitzerz(wat kinda name is that??)I was hoping the vulcanz would win coz they are the nearest school--that has a cheerleading squad--other than S.U who are totally lan si!HAHAA..but's the winners

Champion: Blitzerz!!(381.2)
1st runner up: Shirtliff!!(341.7)
2nd runner up: Calyx!!(341.1)
4th place: Titans!!(339.0)
5th place: Dynamitez!!(333.4)
6th place: Pirates!!(325.6)
7. Vulcanz Boyz!!(319.8)
9. Vulcanz Girls!!(289.1)
10. Stompers!!(286.3)

Best Newcomers: WARRIORZ!!
Best Merits: Vulcanz Girls!!(:
Best Dress: Calyx!!
Best Makeups: 1st-Blazerz!!
3rd- Blitzerz!!
Best Supporters: Blitzerz!!
Marigold HL award: Pirates boys!!
Best teacher: A teacher from Muriel!!

wel,at least vulcanz girlz won something but I dunno wat for in 'best merits' is for wat ar?-.-"
and lots of freakin weird names!like,I got headache from remembering those names!
so..err..I'm goin to cheer10 next year..yeah!
(speechless d :X)

anyways,school was ok lah.not ok,just ok lah..which is not actually ok..lolsss xD
I'm bored,dun u know?HAHA
I nearly get scolded with rozaimi just now..coz I was like,resting my eyes while she stops talking bout the work & suddenly "Iman!bangun,duduk betul-betul!jangan tido!"
I was like,"err?haaa..ok"--sleepy lol..damn scared,everyone was looking with scary faces..
I just smiled..weee~
but yeahh,I continued sleeping in geog class--no teacher maa!
nvm,tonite I'll sleep earlier

current mood:not sure @__@
current song:SHINee-Romantic

Sunday, July 5

Gara Gara GO!!

awesome new MV from Big Bang-Gara gara GO!!

totally addicted to the song .がらがらご!! Dae sung's new hair..Tae yang looks kinda skinny,ain't he? style..maknae Seungri still,hot..and mostly,I love TOP♥♥heee~

Pinkies-Go-Green :D

('pinkies' is the name of their form1 class..yeah,form1)

had an awesome party yesterday^^ yes,at the Holiday Villa in Subang Jaya lahh..lots of unties I didn't recognize tho.lolss..but still,Fun.I got a bday present from untie Yan--thank you auntie!(: so mummy booked this private room in the 'corriander room' which was cool coz they put the decorations in pink & green.and everyone came dressing in green outfits.well,except for the,Juju,my bro & Ajim--I wore a pink dress with white gladiators and my purple cotact lenses(:..well I am the associated member^_^heee~
the unties call my outfit 'pretty' while Yan said it was 'sexy'.HAHAA
We had a blast..the food was ah-mazing.especially the brownies..walau..felt like eating more & more ah..and we had a cute waiter taking care of the room..we call him 'abg faiz'heee~

abg faiz,Yan(bro),me
adik-bradik ek?


tu kakak?(I was sms-ing someone behind Yan)
tapi dia nmpk lagi tua kan?


so then me,yan & ajim played hide & seek..HAHAA at luar one maa..abg faiz was there,tgk jee..I was like,"abg Faiz xnk join?" he was like,"xpe xpe" HAHAA lolss xD Juju even get to sleep..hahaa
all in all,good time..lots of pics considering Yan & Ajim were the 'photographers''s some;

yumm~dessert! haha

me & my cuzzie,Juju(:

me,yan & Ajim--horny faces!xD

us again :D

some of the unties..there were like,15 of I couldn't possibly upload all the pics..!hehe

p.s yesterday was mummy's bday Happy birthday mummy!!

Friday, July 3

Just Go With The Flow.

hi hi^^just got back from victoria station..again xD we went there coz Aliff(my cousin)is going back to sarawak tomoro--he studies there,so yeahh..had a lot of funn..I sat near the mirror~coz I'm too vain,yeah u noe d rite?xP ajim sat beside me while yan & aliff sat besidebeside ah.the grown-ups were on the other side.but there was no one in front of me ;(
err..I ate salmon,which was nice and lychee sundae for dessert(: damn full weiyh..hahaa..we were like,eateateat until forget bout the world d..heee~


yea,it's tomoro & sunday..I wanna go!!but my dad is like,"dun nid la
h"..I mcm ;(((
ahhh..the reason I wanna go is bcoz there's gonna be a lot of bishies
there la*winkwink..hehee..maybe I can catch it on 8tv..but oh well..wat to do?me,my bro & ajim always say "jangan bagi papa marah" in a pondan-nish kinda

Open Day is tomoro!and my mom's bday..ohh,and the party!!my god,there's lots of things going on..ishh..tired liao lehh..had to cancel my piano class so that my dad can meet Annantha(class teacher) but I call him "uncle Annantha" HAHAA..mean!


it's been 1 week since the death of Michael Jackson.I didn't post anything bout it tho coz I was hoping that maybe he didn't actually died..u noe?like..a something would happen.but yeahh,one week is enough to say "there ain't gonna be a miracle for this dude"..I'm sadd..sadsad until duno ah..dun really know y also..hope he rest in peace.The world will never forget The King Of Pop,Michael Jackson.

p.s I just realized that I've been blogging everyday now..addicted much?hehee..and PMR is coming soon?haihhzz,stupid internet make me addicted xD

Thursday, July 2

Don't Call It 'Depress', Babe.

hey u
I found a pic of 2PM when they were so young, sexyy.It really made my day(: find more pics at allkpop.

I don't really recognize them=.="except for Jaebom & Junho :D

anyways,I dunno y I didn't go to school today.I felt really bad,like my head was spinning & I felt like puking,demam all those crap Is it bcoz of too much math yesterday? school? or maybe too much crying? yeahh,I do cry.watever it is,I feel better now..after eating lots & lots of panadol :D but still,not that hyperrrr

thank god,I didn't go to school.they said there was a 'spotcheck'.yeahh,teachers were checking nails & hair.and my nails..pfffttt..awesomely not short.HAHA..and I'm sure one of the teachers will call my hair 'long'.blind..good was raining no PJ la..I didn't miss much actually..I think..

I just sat at home and watched a creppy episode of 'ghost hunters' on star world.damn,it was,other episodes weren't that scary.ishh..I dun wanna talk bout it,it makes me scared..heee~and like,after that..I watched Michael Jackson's THS on 'E!' it was interesting.yes,that's the word..

I'm gonna go to tuiton today..wonder wat weird kids are gonna be there?lol..haha,coz every week there must be a new weird kid/weird stranger/totally weird teacher.HAHAA..ahhh..we got english today.I hate dislike the teacher actually.everyone does..his annoying-.- but hey,at least he can make us laugh..without him knowing bout it,tho.lolss xD

current song:Baby Come Back--Utada Hikaru
current mood:not like usual.

Wednesday, July 1

such a hot,hot dayy ain't it?-.-

Well I'm not at tuition.are u?lol
So my school showed a couple of videos.stupid videos like,'how to wash our hands'..'how to wear a mask'..coz they're getting worried bout the H1N1 stuff :O haihh..I was like,"play the sex-ed video!"HAHA,HAM SAP!

I notice there's more and more couples nowadays."Horray!" for that I,no feeling.I mean,the class' gengster got a cutecute gf.stupid girl.she's in trouble..ehmm..and the class' shyshy girl is still with one of the hothot twin.that's ok,coz the other hothot twin is still single*winkwink(HAHA,I'm like typing everything twice xD) while me,'s been 3 weeks kot now..I'm ok,maybe..hehee..I dunwan nobody,nobody but ehmm..ahhh..who r we talking bout again?that's rite..Key!heee~

oh,yeahh..on Sunday nite..I ironed my bro's,iron lah..make it,I did such a good job.well,I am the pro that I can burn my own hand..I mean,who else can do that?HAHA..So,my bro's hair was like,20% straight(coz his head was like a rock dammit!)I did my best tho:D he did like it.hee~but the next day when he came back from school..I looked at him like usually je..he asked"ok anot?"I mcm "ok la..y?"he:"tadi I washed my hair"HAHAA..omgahhhh..u were not suppose to do that!he pun O.o..I was totally mad that I spended around 30 mins+ishh..but still,it's kinda funny when u think bout it.hahaa xD

School was like duhh today..same old,same old.then got motivational talk from kancil..haihhzz..but nice ar,our class won 3 hampers from the 'cabutan bertuah' I was like,omEffingahh..dude!y are we so lucky?maybe it's a sign..ehmm..anyways,Wai Mun,Sven Shuan & Farah were the winners.yeyey!"I want some!" but the teachers were really cruel..they didn't let us open the hampers in our freakin' class..dangg..bummer.So I didn't get anything coz who wants to walk with a hamper around school ar?hehee..

they also showed us this video where a lion trying to catch a zebra..but the zebra was kinda scaryy..the fight coz there's this onr part when they're both in the lake..on top of each wat I mean?hee~and the funny thing was,the guy suddenly stopped the video & said "dun get any funny ideas ar" HAHAA..I was like,
"I already did!"xD