Thursday, June 11

omg, I'm totally addicted. super junior :D I was like "WTF??" when I saw their 3rd album [sorry,sorry] at the speedy store in subang parade. cheap ahh!only RM shhhh--ask mee ; I bought it..even though I downloaded like,half of the album d..hahaa xD
wahh..crazy fan of SuJu [[elf!]] girl go crazyy that's it..not gonna spend that much money anymore..coz I spent way too much la this holidays!stupid holidays..always make me go broke.hahaa..


school is gonna start soon=.=" rozaimi gave us like a LOT of homework..over ah.other teachers didn't give us anything dowhh..that I can remember lah xD I bet..on the first day of school..many students will be sitting on the balcony,xsiap kerja maa..hehee..will I be one of those people?I cannot lie..I dah kena for like,2 times(??)but I thought to myself "better outside than sitting inside with the super-loud-big-butt teacher arr", the class pun got like,6 or 7 people only lehh--who siap kerja la..lolss
kami budak rajin!yeah!!

P.S--today is 11th of June..1 more month till my bday..yey!heeee~>_<

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