Saturday, June 13


OMG,WTF??school is starting in 2 days??wahhhh!!!
I ain't ready yet!I mean,oh yeahh..I'm ready d la.
but I dun wanna go to school yet!!
2 weeks passed d meh?lie ah!lielielie..hahaa
too hyper ar tonite xD
nvm,I'll make this 2 days last..weiyhh..actually tinggal 1 day je lehh..
minus today,I mean..wahh..1 day??
then I have to meet the teachers?friends?and pengawas ar?
so annoying ar..HAHA

ok lah..ok.Imma ninja :D
but I do wish the holidays were longer tho..I'll miss the time I wasted by listening to lagu 'jiwang'--as mummy likes to call it..I'll miss the food.I mean,there were a lot of food!which was destroying, a lot of money was spent too..HAHA..I'm making the holiday look bad.

movin' onnnn

we went to taman tun just pick up my bro's & mom's dad's one isn't ready yet..and no,I don't wear glasses :D
so,going there back next week,I think.which is cool..coz it's kinda nice there..but I dunno wat it is,I just feel nice going there..after that,we went to ss15 for 'tea' old taste.okayy la that bishies!haha..I think they were leh!but they were like college students,19 yrs old(maybee??)lolss..STALKER!


I am so totally addicted to 2PM--korean group..I mean..I love their latest song 'again,again' but the new song,'niga mibda--I hate you' makes me lovelove them even's sooo addictive<33>and I also downloaded the song 'you'll come back' which is a sad,sad song which I understand by reading the translation of the song.HAHA..the other reason for my lovelove for them is their hotness..I mean,look them up in in wiki here.they're smokin!and great dancers too!!like,they'll dance to make u dance.I saw them on 'music bank' a few times &

were like,"ahhh~!!"haha..I'm totally one of the hottest now ;D

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