Tuesday, June 30

Omg, tomoro is July d :(

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SHINee- Romeo+Juliette :D


Time dun wait for no one.and it's totally true!I mean,today is 30th of June,dude!!so of course tommorow is the 1st day of a new month--July.damn..scary ahh..PMR is like,chasing us.instead of us,chasing them.HAHAA..

ishh..bcoz of friday's epic ep of music bank,I forgot to write about school on saturday.which I didn't go to xP coz my friends smsed me in the morningmorning saying they're not going.lolss..So I smsed one of the guys,he did go and said only around 15/16 people went.HAHAA..awesomely rajin!

then after school,he went to watch Transformers with the guys..I was like,"can I follow?" he mcm "cancan,come lah" but obviously,my papa wouldn't let me go.which kinda sucks..

nothing actually happened on sunday.

But on Monday was funnnn..teachers seldom enter our class that day.so we playplay in class lah.like,me and this dude who I call "Pundek"(P for short) main kejar-kejar.HAHAA..like we ran around the freakin' class.other people were like,afraid to stop us xD So he called me "Pundek" I called back lah,"Pundek".lolss..on the way,I met some old friends---coz I usually dun get up so much considering I sit farfar from them.lols..so when the teacher came,it really rained on our parade..thank god it wasn't our math teacher,Edna Mode.instead the geog teacher--who were suppose to come in just now.lol.anything at USJ13 ay?

today arr..tiring.Pafa nearly done!just now there were hella thick-layered of Jerebu covered the school.my gosh,smelly!I dun wanna go to school tomoro!HAHA..the guys were all wrapping the ties in stupid ways just to cover their faces.which looked like they were freaks who just dunno how to tie their ties xD

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