Friday, June 26


sorry,got no idea for the title rite now-.-" usual. was awesome!:D it was like watching a dude getting killed---kinda awesome xD sorry for making u guys dizzy.I just meant school sucked.lolss..not many people came today.which was weird.and 2 guys were sent back home coz they got the teachers were like so scared & thought the 2 dudes got H1N1.HAHAA
I was like,"teacher!I pun demam ahhh~!!" heee~but the teacher ignored me coz I always say stuff like that..HAHA

but WTF??tomoro got replace hari god,hari raya is like..3 months away..??ishh..but I'm still going.dunno..feel lazy to stay at home..haaaa~ confirm!I bet only 14/30 students from my class are going tomoro..RM 1000000 on that!hehee..

tooo hyper idea why..maybe it's bcoz of Big Bang!yeahh..listening to them now.can't get tired of their songs wor..just like Homer Simpson & Duff beer!yeahh babehhhh xD

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