Friday, June 19


they got like,a majlis pelantikan pengawas today..I didn't go la(obviously!)
ehmm..I wonder who went since all my friends didn't go.HAHA
pity the pengawas & teachers..well,who asked them to talk too much??no one likes it lah!lolss

anyways,school still sucks xP
it changed.I used to love going to like,!!
maybe since syaza moved.or since koperasi haven't start to sell all the nice pastry lagi..hehee
dang u guys r so slow..hopefully,after the pelantikan..they'll be faster..
haihh..tomoro got taekwondo.damn tired weiyh if got piano after that..but thankfully,papa ckp "dun nid to go piano"

it's been a very emo-ish few days..coz of some secretsecret,yeahh..sorry,if I have not been very 'sociable' or's gonna get better in time tho..haha,like leona lewis' song..

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