Tuesday, June 16

omg, I totally miss summer holidays!!


well..school sucked,hard.HAHA
I mean,one of my bestie moved..she told me like it was a last-minute-thing..and yeahh..kinda sadd ar..I got back exam results..and that didn't make me happier..the teachers were like a bit happy that our results didn't go low as expected.LOL

SO I didn't contact much with my friends during the holidays--I mean,my close friends..so when I met them yesterday I was like O.o "omgahh..have u gained weight?a lot of weight??"hahaa..but I didn't asked them face to face tho..that would be rude..and as u all know I'm such a sweet,goody-goody girl :)
class was so bored because everyone has this 'stupid school,make me go to school.I want a longer holiday la' face.the blurrblurr zombies face..it was kinda funny tho..with that face on & the same attitudes we were having before the holidays..haha..when I think about this,I laughed.alone..RAWWR!xD
peningpening.stupid weather make me pening.haihh..
the only thing I'm looking foward today is 'music bank'..yey music bank!it's like,a show for all bishies to make girls scream..HAHAA..which isn't a problem,at all..

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