Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's day(: smile~~

heee~so today is father's day..which many people call it "father day's".. I have no idea why..hahaa xD

me & my family celebrated it yesterday night at victoria station.yes,it was nice..ibu(my mom's sis) was there with 2 of my slightly older cousins.which was fun :D the food was okay I guess..I was full before the 3rd bite(LOL) and yes,we do go there to celebrate my bday,her bday or even ur bday..haha

after going to taman tun(..again)to pick up my dad's glasses,we went to sunway just now.without mummy coz she's in trolak..coming back on thurs night..kot.

so,yeahh..had 'tea' as in 'cake' at a place call "zen"'s kinda new but,they got a dark chocolate cake that no one should not eat it.hahaa..I got a headache now >_<

ok,ok laa..tired liao..oh,yeahh..we bought a game call 'prototype' for says "warning:contains blood,offensive language bla blahh.."I was like,"we totally gotta buy it!!"'ll scare the crap out of me,for

before going back home,we went to big bookshop..coz I need to bind my freakin' geog folio.and my friend's too,who will remain unnamed..HAHA..but they dun have a freakin' binding machine..I was like D: dude!!then papa suggest that we buy,we have to punch the folio first la..which was a good idea.good job!8D

ahhh..tiredtired.tomoro school.stupid school..haihh..then have to pass up the stupid folio before 7.30 am.mmg x ah!!ishh..okla,me outie...daaa~

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