Wednesday, June 24

omg, crappish.

School..wasn't really,syaza came.and like,icha is soooo controlling her.everything she wants,she'll go to syaza.while me,too smart to really layan them..just stayed away.which was a really good idea :D I mean,considering..icha?she really messed syaza up.pity.HAHA

and I'm not just saying that.they were gone without me.which wasn't a problem coz I get to sleep in class..lolss..anyways,they both=problem ah.especially when icha is around.ishh..thank god syaza moved.I dun wanna see her get,rahmat call icha--kerek!
I dun really get wat it means tho xD but it totally fits icha.sorry to call u that.but u ain't reading I dun care xP from now on,I plan to stay away from her.dun wanna get bully..blekkk


I watched the horror film,'coming soon' yesterday.on cd--cetak rompak laa..hahaa
it was cool.the story made me dizzy coz the subtitles were again,crap.and plus the thai was like I was watching a silent movie,dunno wat's going on..HAHAA
so the story is about this girl who plays a crazy lady ghost in a movie[[yeah,movie in a movie la]]so,blah blah blah in the end,she was hung by the villagers in her creppy she died..but no one knew that the girl who played the ghost really died.coz of the freakin' not-strong's too long for me to cite here..but everyone died la,in the movie.and I seriously mean,everyone.the ghost is freakin' of her legs is like, she walks funny but kinda scary at the same time..damn.and her face O.o..and she likes to hide in a,BEWARE!

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