Tuesday, June 30

Omg, tomoro is July d :(

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SHINee- Romeo+Juliette :D


Time dun wait for no one.and it's totally true!I mean,today is 30th of June,dude!!so of course tommorow is the 1st day of a new month--July.damn..scary ahh..PMR is like,chasing us.instead of us,chasing them.HAHAA..

ishh..bcoz of friday's epic ep of music bank,I forgot to write about school on saturday.which I didn't go to xP coz my friends smsed me in the morningmorning saying they're not going.lolss..So I smsed one of the guys,he did go and said only around 15/16 people went.HAHAA..awesomely rajin!

then after school,he went to watch Transformers with the guys..I was like,"can I follow?" he mcm "cancan,come lah" but obviously,my papa wouldn't let me go.which kinda sucks..

nothing actually happened on sunday.

But on Monday was funnnn..teachers seldom enter our class that day.so we playplay in class lah.like,me and this dude who I call "Pundek"(P for short) main kejar-kejar.HAHAA..like we ran around the freakin' class.other people were like,afraid to stop us xD So he called me "Pundek" I called back lah,"Pundek".lolss..on the way,I met some old friends---coz I usually dun get up so much considering I sit farfar from them.lols..so when the teacher came,it really rained on our parade..thank god it wasn't our math teacher,Edna Mode.instead the geog teacher--who were suppose to come in just now.lol.anything at USJ13 ay?

today arr..tiring.Pafa nearly done!just now there were hella thick-layered of Jerebu covered the school.my gosh,smelly!I dun wanna go to school tomoro!HAHA..the guys were all wrapping the ties in stupid ways just to cover their faces.which looked like they were freaks who just dunno how to tie their ties xD

Saturday, June 27

omg, Onew!

warning:may contain too many videos

As u all know,I am obsessed with Kpop.lovelovelove them!!
so other than school stuff that I'm gonna write in this blog,Imma write bout kpop,jpop & all that can pop xD

so last night's music bank special 'mid-year' ep was awesome!I mean,why wouldn't it?considering 2PM,boys' generation,SNSD's comeback,SuJu..and SHINee..and yeahh..A dance battle between chung lim,AJ &Taegoon which my hottie,Taegoon totally pwns!heee~
2PM performed a tribute to G.O.D a band(late in the 90's) and SHINee did a tribute to H.O.T..yeahh~

But there were a big accident..like,during SHINee's performance of 'Juliette',Onew--the leader--kinda slipped.like,omg!poor dude..but he carried on anyways which was totally awesome of him..then at like,the end of the show..one of the stupid light fixtures fell right towards Onew.bcoz of that,he fainted..wow..thank god,Siwon and Kyuhyun revented the fixture from hitting him or else,I'll cry..when he fainted,SHINee's manager carried him off the stage to go to the hospital(duhh..!)awww,how sweet..SuJu's leeteuk was there too help too..here's a video of the incident (fancam)the strangest thing is,where is my Key when all of this happened?:/

and an awesome performance of "Juliette"__except the part where Onew kinda slipped at 0.28..Key was sooo Hot in this performance <33!

ahhhh~not forgetting my boys,2PM who performed a G.O.D's song (I dunno the title tho LOL)

oouu,and!and the dance battle between chung lim,AJ & Taegoon!!

ok,enjoyenjoy :D me outie!niteniteeeeeee^^

Friday, June 26


sorry,got no idea for the title rite now-.-"blurblurr..as usual.

ehmm..school was awesome!:D it was like watching a dude getting killed---kinda awesome xD sorry for making u guys dizzy.I just meant school sucked.lolss..not many people came today.which was weird.and 2 guys were sent back home coz they got fever.so the teachers were like so scared & thought the 2 dudes got H1N1.HAHAA
I was like,"teacher!I pun demam ahhh~!!" heee~but the teacher ignored me coz I always say stuff like that..HAHA

but WTF??tomoro got school..to replace hari raya.my god,hari raya is like..3 months away..??ishh..but I'm still going.dunno..feel lazy to stay at home..haaaa~ confirm!I bet only 14/30 students from my class are going tomoro..RM 1000000 on that!hehee..

tooo hyper now.no idea why..maybe it's bcoz of Big Bang!yeahh..listening to them now.can't get tired of their songs wor..just like Homer Simpson & Duff beer!yeahh babehhhh xD

Wednesday, June 24

omg, crappish.

School..wasn't really gooood.like,syaza came.and like,icha is soooo controlling her.everything she wants,she'll go to syaza.while me,too smart to really layan them..just stayed away.which was a really good idea :D I mean,considering..icha?she really messed syaza up.pity.HAHA

and I'm not just saying that.they were gone without me.which wasn't a problem coz I get to sleep in class..lolss..anyways,they both=problem ah.especially when icha is around.ishh..thank god syaza moved.I dun wanna see her get bully..ishh..like,rahmat call icha--kerek!
I dun really get wat it means tho xD but it totally fits icha.sorry to call u that.but u ain't reading this.so I dun care xP from now on,I plan to stay away from her.dun wanna get bully..blekkk


I watched the horror film,'coming soon' yesterday.on cd--cetak rompak laa..hahaa
it was cool.the story made me dizzy coz the subtitles were again,crap.and plus the thai language..it was like I was watching a silent movie,dunno wat's going on..HAHAA
so the story is about this girl who plays a crazy lady ghost in a movie[[yeah,movie in a movie la]]so,blah blah blah in the end,she was hung by the villagers in her creppy house.so she died..but no one knew that the girl who played the ghost really died.coz of the freakin' not-strong rope..ishh..bodo.it's too long for me to cite here..but everyone died la,in the movie.and I seriously mean,everyone.the ghost is freakin' creppy..one of her legs is like,senget..so she walks funny but kinda scary at the same time..damn.and her face O.o..and she likes to hide in a closet.so,BEWARE!

Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's day(: smile~~

heee~so today is father's day..which many people call it "father day's".. I have no idea why..hahaa xD

me & my family celebrated it yesterday night at victoria station.yes,it was nice..ibu(my mom's sis) was there with 2 of my slightly older cousins.which was fun :D the food was okay I guess..I was full before the 3rd bite(LOL) and yes,we do go there to celebrate anything..like my bday,her bday or even ur bday..haha

after going to taman tun(..again)to pick up my dad's glasses,we went to sunway just now.without mummy coz she's in trolak..coming back on thurs night..kot.

so,yeahh..had 'tea' as in 'cake' at a place call "zen"..it's kinda new but nice..like,they got a dark chocolate cake that no one should not eat it.hahaa..I got a headache now >_<

ok,ok laa..tired liao..oh,yeahh..we bought a game call 'prototype' for ps3.it says "warning:contains blood,offensive language bla blahh.."I was like,"we totally gotta buy it!!" hahaa..it'll scare the crap out of me,for sure.lol

before going back home,we went to big bookshop..coz I need to bind my freakin' geog folio.and my friend's too,who will remain unnamed..HAHA..but they dun have a freakin' binding machine..I was like D: dude!!then papa suggest that we buy files.like,we have to punch the folio first la..which was a good idea.good job!8D

ahhh..tiredtired.tomoro school.stupid school..haihh..then have to pass up the stupid folio before 7.30 am.mmg x ah!!ishh..okla,me outie...daaa~

Friday, June 19


they got like,a majlis pelantikan pengawas today..I didn't go la(obviously!)
ehmm..I wonder who went since all my friends didn't go.HAHA
pity the pengawas & teachers..well,who asked them to talk too much??no one likes it lah!lolss

anyways,school still sucks xP
it changed.I used to love going to school.now like,ewww...school!!
maybe since syaza moved.or since koperasi haven't start to sell all the nice pastry lagi..hehee
dang u guys r so slow..hopefully,after the pelantikan..they'll be faster..
haihh..tomoro got taekwondo.damn tired weiyh if got piano after that..but thankfully,papa ckp "dun nid to go piano"

it's been a very emo-ish few days..coz of some secretsecret reasons..so,yeahh..sorry,if I have not been very 'sociable' or anything.it's gonna get better in time tho..haha,like leona lewis' song..

Tuesday, June 16

omg, I totally miss summer holidays!!


well..school sucked,hard.HAHA
I mean,one of my bestie moved..she told me like it was a last-minute-thing..and yeahh..kinda sadd ar..I got back exam results..and that didn't make me happier..the teachers were like a bit happy that our results didn't go low as expected.LOL

SO I didn't contact much with my friends during the holidays--I mean,my close friends..so when I met them yesterday I was like O.o "omgahh..have u gained weight?a lot of weight??"hahaa..but I didn't asked them face to face tho..that would be rude..and as u all know I'm such a sweet,goody-goody girl :)
class was so bored because everyone has this 'stupid school,make me go to school.I want a longer holiday la' face.the blurrblurr zombies face..it was kinda funny tho..with that face on & the same attitudes we were having before the holidays..haha..when I think about this,I laughed.alone..RAWWR!xD
peningpening.stupid weather make me pening.haihh..
the only thing I'm looking foward today is 'music bank'..yey music bank!it's like,a show for all bishies to make girls scream..HAHAA..which isn't a problem,at all..

Saturday, June 13


OMG,WTF??school is starting in 2 days??wahhhh!!!
I ain't ready yet!I mean,oh yeahh..I'm ready d la.
but I dun wanna go to school yet!!
2 weeks passed d meh?lie ah!lielielie..hahaa
too hyper ar tonite xD
nvm,I'll make this 2 days last..weiyhh..actually tinggal 1 day je lehh..
minus today,I mean..wahh..1 day??
then I have to meet the teachers?friends?and pengawas ar?
so annoying ar..HAHA

ok lah..ok.Imma ninja :D
but I do wish the holidays were longer tho..I'll miss the time I wasted by listening to lagu 'jiwang'--as mummy likes to call it..I'll miss the food.I mean,there were a lot of food!which was destroying me..like, a lot of money was spent too..HAHA..I'm making the holiday look bad.

movin' onnnn

we went to taman tun just now.to pick up my bro's & mom's glasses.my dad's one isn't ready yet..and no,I don't wear glasses :D
so,going there back next week,I think.which is cool..coz it's kinda nice there..but I dunno wat it is,I just feel nice going there..after that,we went to ss15 for 'tea'..at old taste.okayy la that place..got bishies!haha..I think they were bros..wahh..hot leh!but they were like college students,19 yrs old(maybee??)lolss..STALKER!


I am so totally addicted to 2PM--korean group..I mean..I love their latest song 'again,again' but the new song,'niga mibda--I hate you' makes me lovelove them even more.it's sooo addictive<33>and I also downloaded the song 'you'll come back' which is a sad,sad song which I understand by reading the translation of the song.HAHA..the other reason for my lovelove for them is their hotness..I mean,look them up in in wiki here.they're smokin!and great dancers too!!like,they'll dance to make u dance.I saw them on 'music bank' a few times &

were like,"ahhh~!!"haha..I'm totally one of the hottest now ;D

Thursday, June 11

omg, I'm totally addicted.

..to super junior :D I was like "WTF??" when I saw their 3rd album [sorry,sorry] at the speedy store in subang parade. cheap ahh!only RM shhhh--ask mee ;p..so I bought it..even though I downloaded like,half of the album d..hahaa xD
wahh..crazy fan of SuJu [[elf!]] girl go crazyy arr..lolss..BLAH..so that's it..not gonna spend that much money anymore..coz I spent way too much la this holidays!stupid holidays..always make me go broke.hahaa..


school is gonna start soon=.=" rozaimi gave us like a LOT of homework..over ah.other teachers didn't give us anything dowhh..that I can remember lah xD I bet..on the first day of school..many students will be sitting on the balcony,xsiap kerja maa..hehee..will I be one of those people?I cannot lie..I dah kena for like,2 times(??)but I thought to myself "better outside than sitting inside with the super-loud-big-butt teacher arr" hahaa..so,yeahh..in the class pun got like,6 or 7 people only lehh--who siap kerja la..lolss
kami budak rajin!yeah!!

P.S--today is 11th of June..1 more month till my bday..yey!heeee~>_<

Tuesday, June 9

first entry:D

so,hey..just made this blog..welcome,welcome^^ it's like 11.31..I'm so bored that I'm listening to the same song for the 205447 times today..haha can't wait for school!I want to eat the food from the koperasi!! lolss..stupid reason-.- nvm,maybe at school I'll say something like "I miss the holidays!!" which is kinda weird xD ok ok..going out d..update later=^^=