Tuesday, April 10

A year too late?

I've left this blog.
Leaving this message cause this blog gets more hits than my current blog lol
I won't delete it though, it's obv so precious to me :)
Visit my new blog here or my tumblr here 


Friday, April 8

come come come to me


Well, first of all today is the 9th of April which means it's Yamapi's birthday OHYEAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh how time flies. When I fist know him, I was like 11? And this year I'll be 17. I feel so old can dai T.T

Oh fyi, my mood is in stable condition (Y) LOL. Weird thing happened the other night. Bumped into an old friend at big bookshop and she was like "Ohhhh Iman! you're like freaking glowing!" I was like "wtf where gottt" Then she touched my belly and ask if I were pregnant HAHAHAHAHAH EPIC. That's like the second time in my life someone asked me the oddest question to be asked. I am just genuinely happy that's all. It does not happen often so please, I'm trying to make the best out of this situation HAHAHAHA.

I'm even happier knowing next week is Jom sedia SPM shit. Totallyyyyy in my right mind not ready for it. It's stupid really. I'm not ready to be ready for SPM. Just pray for me and let karma pay you back. Tomorrow is a school day but I told my parents that I don't need to go cause I rock like that :P hah not really. Just lazy...

BIG BANG IS BACK AGAIN! OH HOW HOT THEY ARE. I would not spazz about it here though (see tumblr EHEHHE) Though that is happening, I am sooo addicted to rainbow's new song more

They are so pretty IDEK
k that's all bye xo

Sunday, April 3

I'm highly flammable

FTS. I'm pissed. Haven't been updating ay? It's because I'm lifeless max and I don't think it would be nice to tell everyone how lifeless I am so yeah. A couple of post has been drafted for a few weeks now, I have absolutely why I haven't post them yet -.-

Anyways, spring has come and killed all the hatred in this world, or so it seems. My life is full of shit right now that I don't even think I'll live through some days. I don't know where to start so I don't give 2 cents about it anymore. And SPM is near near near. Like, wtf I don't seem to care about that either. What I care about right now don't think it'll last. Everything dies. Every single thing dies to make new ones come alive. If this is true, I should go. But then again I won't. See my problem? I'm mental HAHA. This is my story. I should go.

Sure, I am happy that Infinite is back :) and Big bang coming back. And when I think of some stuff that makes me chotto happy, I'd go into my own world and stay there. At least until it's food time or something which is hard to be missed.

And ps; I don't answer my phone right now cause my charger is busted and I don't have time to go out cause mother is sick. Heck, I'm having yogurt as my lunch cause it make sense right now. Oh mother. Everytime she's sick, she bugs me more. Like, usually every 5 minutes or so but now, every 30 seconds can? Ahhh it's frustrating and nobody understands. Mother of cheese, please get me through this week. I promise to be good.

Monday, March 14

Got me hook like apple pie


Today is White Day! I'm going to spend it alone since nobody is at home T.T I don't feel like doing anything really. All I want to do is crawl into a big ball of sadness and cry. What is up with these few days? Emotional much k. I feel like that guy from the forever alone comic. He's always feeling forever alone. Why la whyyyyyy. Feel so lifeless.


Saturday, March 12


The cutest MV so farr! :3

So I'm kinda busy right naooo. My mummy gave me an english presentation to be translated into malay. Maybe it's because I'm lifeless max that I'm already on slide 54 LOL. I just got back from an edu fair in klcc. Oh the many lengzhais *o* Some people even promoted to us in mandarin hohoho! It was tiring though. OH I bought beautiful Dead #4. It's the last installment so I'm not sure when I'm going to read it. I've read the last page of course, just in case something happens to me *CHOI*

Anyways, am going to UM tomorrow for a malay lecture with half of the crazy yamateh :D ++ Nana & Misa! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun.... HEHEHE.

The most tragic thing happened yesterday. Earthquake of 8.9 magnitude hit near the shindai region? UGH. I feel so bad for them. Like, people I know are there but they're not really. I guess, I'm just emo cause I feel for them. Especially the JE idols. Been checking in with the 'I love japanese Men' page on FB and like, they update on who's safe & stuff. But then I saw that "Imai tsubasa is missing" & "No news on kei & massu" like omomo I'm a bit worried. To add, yaotome's house got swept away.. omg man. Feel so bad. Hope everyone is safe! #prayforjapan.

Do tell me if there are any other news on my fav JE people kayyy